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Last weekend, Claudia pointed me toward this site:


It's fabby, no?  This is the Celtic Harbor Hat from Blackberry Ridge.  I love the shape and that design in the band, but I'm not completely sold on the high-contrast, black-and-white color combo.  I'm more of a low-contrast girl.

Here's the pattern description from the website:

This hat pattern is knit from medium weight 100% wool in two natural colors: Brown and Gray. Designed to put three layers over the ears, this pattern is adapted from a hat style that has kept shepherds warm for years.

Did you read that?  "[T]hree layers over the ears..."  I'm sold.  My ears need nothing if not many layers this time of the year.

Because I would be breaking with long-standing tradition if I were not to alter this pattern, what if I converted the entarsia pattern to purls, and knit the entire hat in one colorway (say Cascade 220, 8012)?

Or, what if I got totally brave and attempted the entarsia?  I could do the entarsia in a very, very similar colorway.  Would it be worth it?  Would I like the look?

So many hats, so little time.  First, the gift knits.  Then it's memememememe (How much fun was typing mememememe?  Lots!)


Well, that's a gorgeous hat. I'd do it in two shades of one color - one very dark and saturated, the other one brighter for some contrast without the glaring light/dark look.

What a great hat. I just ordered the pattern. ; ) I think that's a style I'd actually like and wear! I like Cassie's idea of using two shades of the same color.

Oh I love that hat. I am low contrast girl too...maybe more pastels or even a red and grey for the "look at my hat" look?!? I can't wait till my gift knitting is done!

I think you should definately try the intarsia using two low constrast yarns. The design's so beautiful you want to make sure you can see it!

I'm with Nona, do the intarsia. There's not much to cope with and I'm sure you can find two colourways that meet with your approval. Even then I'm sure you'll add that little "je ne sais quois" ;)

First of all, it's Fair Isle, not intarsia, so it will be a lot easier than if it were intarsia. I don't think it would show as well with the purl stitches, but I do think it would be a great first FI project! Go for it, subtle contrast, lots of fun knitting, great look!

This looks just like my favorite hat that was bought in Ireland many years ago. It has three layers over the ears. I'd love to knit one that actually matched my hot pink coat. The current hat is navy blue, green and beige. It would be nice to do some colorwork again.

Since Claudia is going to do it in two colors, I think it would be cool to see it also made with your idea of purls in the same color making the design. It would be fun to see how both progress. (Dare I say it? Do I smell a knit-along?)

low-contrast colourwork sounds good, it's a gorgeous hat. you could do both purls and fair isle -- a gal can never knit enough pretty hats! :-)

I cannot wait to finish one last gift and have mememememmeme time too!

I cannot wait to finish one last gift and have mememememmeme time too!

I saw it and I ordered it. I NEED three layers. I'm hoping you are right about the pin head thing, 'cause I've got one.

Indeed. Great minds. I'd swatch with the knit/purl idea -- or start it out realizing that it may have to be ripped -- because the pattern might be unrecognizable in texture instead of color. But, it might be great! Try it.

It's actually not intarsia but Fair Isle - you float the colors across the back.


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