More Surprises

My knitting library is filling up quickly:


The first two volumes of Barbara G. Walker's four-volume stitch-pattern treasury.  Only the first two appealed to me, and I dropped hints mercilessly (the ladies at A Good Yarn can attest to this) in the days leading up to Christmas.  Lucky for me, those hints didn't fall on deaf ears, and lucky for Matt, the people at AGY can keep a secret.

I won't even try to fit these books into my knitting-book cabinet.  It's full!  That means that I have the perfect excuse to go to IKEA



You need an excuse to go shopping at Ikea????????? I didn't know that hahahahaha.
In september one opened 30 minutes from where I live... 20 from the office. And boy, have we gone there often during our lunch break :) Mainly the excuse is to go eat kottebullar (the swedish meatballs), but hey, we're fast eaters so then we quickly spend some time on the main floor picking up "must haves" and Ikea has LOADS of those :)
Cheers Eva

lucky gal! I've been meaning the get the second volume. Forgot to add it to my wishlist this Christmas. :P Nuts.

Eva beat me to it, but I highly recommend the swedish meatballs as well. Yum.

Funny, I was dreaming about going to IKEA last night (no kidding). There are a few things I need, but I always end up with so many of the little things, too . . .

Oh, man. Those books are on my wishlist. Lucky you!

Ikea bookcases . . . I just love those . . . I have had the first two B.W. collections for a while, and figured I should get the set, so I put #3 and 4 on my Christmas list and my Mom got me #4 . . . not sure why she skipped to the end, and I would have actually preferred #3, but . . . they are all such great books, right?

Lucky you on the books. It's no surprise that the folks at AGY can keep a secret, I could barely get them to ring me up when I was in there. (I'm really not THAT creepy!)
Walker is a great writer, I even enjoyed her Secrets of the tarot.

Those two are among my absolute favorite knit books EVER. Pretty much those, and Knitting Without Tears and Montse Stanley. All you need.

One day I'm going to get those books too. And as if you, you need a reason to go to IKEA? I think not, just go and then add more books to your knitting library!

Ah, nothing better than those BW books. Thank goodness for attentive LYSs. Enjoy them!


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