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Oh, boy, here we are.   It's December 1st.  T-minus 24 days!  Good thing that there's one more holiday knit in the "done" pile.  Here's Backyard Leaves laid out after its soak in the sink:


I love how Cascade 220 blocks.  It's wool putty in my hands.

I'm very pleased with this scarf, and the pattern was a lot of fun to follow.  I thought that the chart's complexity might make knitting on the go difficult, but that wasn't the case at all.  If something went wrong, it was visible immediately, and I could tink back to fix it.

The details:

Pattern: Backyard Leaves by Annie Modesitt in Scarf Style

Yarn: Cascade 220, 2 skeins

Needles: US8s

Should you knit this:  Yes!!

Thank you for mentioning that the seam in the middle of the scarf is barely noticeable.  I guess that you're right.  I think that I did an okay job matching leaf to leaf, but the feel of the knitted fabric changes at that point.  Maybe I should focus less on the feel and more on the look.

Next up, Midwest Moonlight!


Just wondering - why not do a provisional cast-on, do the first half, then go back and do the other half?

It looks great! Your friend is going to love it

Looks beautiful! Yay for getting holiday knitting done!

beautiful scarf. stephanie at unwind knitted this for me as the SYNo swap. but i may try and make one one day as the pattern is just really interesting not to.

Looks fab. Congrats on one gift done!

It looks so pretty--I love the angle for the photo, too!

Gret job!!! Do you think it would be possible to alternate the pattern to make the scarf twice as wide? My mom loves wide scarves...

It looks really beautiful. You've definately inspired me to knit this scarf.

Excellent photo, the scarf is beautiful. Is the color in the photo an accurate color? It is lovely. I have never knitted with Cascade 220, but I am getting tempted after reading all your good experiences with it.

Very, very pretty! Good luck with Midwest Moonlight. It's a bitch. The pattern is deceptively simple. You end up having to pay tons of attention to your counting. Althoughl, gorgeous in the end.

Where does one block a 4-5 foot (or longer) scarf? I don't know I have a surface in my house, other than the floor, where I could do such blocking. And I have cats who would sit on it if I blocked it on the floor....

Beautiful, and a sure crowd pleaser - everyone always wants to see that one :).

It looks fabulous, Colleen!

Beautiful job Colleen. The scarf looks lovely and I'm sure the recipient will be more than happy with it!


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