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Last week, in the middle of that freak mid-afternoon blizzard, I popped into Windsor Button to pick up some Wool-Ease for my Dad's mittens.  At the same time, I also perused the Cascade 220 section hoping against hope that there would be some yarn to match my scarf.  There wasn't.

At the checkout, I inquired about the Cascade 220 color card, explaining my desire to find some yarn to match my scarf.

Windsor Button Manager:  No, I know that we don't have any of that color.  But let's
check the card to see if the color is still available.   

Windsor Button Employee:  Look!  Isn't this it?  [Points toward colorway 8012.]

Subway Knitter:  [Holding scarf to colorcard]  Yes, it is.  That's wonderful!  Can you order it?

WBM: Well, unfortunately no.  I would have to order a bag of 10 skeins, and we don't carry this color right now.  The yarn would take a while to arrive, and you probably want the hat pretty soon.  But, I could give you the color number and you could check at another store or online.  [Hands me a pen and a piece of paper.]  You would have to pay shipping, but you would have your yarn sooner.  Have you tried Hello Knitty?  They have pretty good prices.

WBE: Or, Littleknits.com?

Now, based on my last experience with yarn research, you can imagine my surprise.  Here was a store which didn't have exactly what I needed, a store that knew I probably wasn't going to buy my Cascade 220 there (but also knew that I was about to purchase some other yarn and a pair of needles), which was volunteering to give me the necessary information so that I could buy the yarn somewhere else, and was, in fact, making recommendations about online yarn stores with decent prices.

Maybe it wasn't the best business decision in the moment, but it certainly was the best business decision in the long term.  Why?  Because, I am completely confident that I can go into Windsor Button, shop for what I need, and be comfortable that I will never get a hard sell.

What Windsor Button didn't know what that I would tell all of you about the experience.  So, next time you're downtown, please stop by Windsor Button.  It has a very nice yarn selection, and very nice staff people to boot.

As it turned out, neither online retailer stocks that colorway (has anyone else noticed that Hello Knitty has cut back on its Cascade 220 selection?).  So, when I'm ready to buy I will also check other LYSs in the Boston area.  I don't like to shop online if I can get the yarn locally.


Love the WB story...it's exactly what happens in Miracle on 34th Street! Very seasonal story. :)

thanks for the story -- i haven't gone to windsor in a long time -- it isn't convenient for me anymore -- but i'm going to reconsider.

Thanks for sharing! I've always been a fan, and stories like this keep me coming back!

That's excellent customer service! I really wish I had a LYS near me that was that helpful.

Great CS story. I still share with other people that horrific story of yours.

It's weird - we have completely opposite experiences in the same yarn stores!

And as for looking for Cascade 220, Fabric Place in Woburn (it's not THAT far) has a huge selection of colors.

Oooh, I can't' wait to visit Windsor Button when I come to Boston in March - now I know I'll get great service!

Have you tried here...


Hope that helps.

I have great memories of shopping at Windsor Button with my mom when I was a child. She was a dressmaker, so we were there quite a bit. I'll be in Boston for Christmas, so I'll be sure to drop in and check out their yarn selection.

Thanks for the tip!

it's these little differences in stores that makes people want to come back! as a knitter, knowing that the owner of a store cares about your needs and wants for a project makes you always want to go there to purchase from them. that's how i feel about school products and the point. i'm glad to hear you had a good experience compared to that last one!

I love that story. What everyone seems to have overlooked here (except this California girl) is that you went out in a blizzard to get YARN! Not food or water or medication or chocolate, but YARN. That I don't get...

I've been ordering my Cascade from Onefineyarn.com... they are great!

So nice to have a positive experience, isn't it?

I love Windsor Button!!

That is one smart shop. You can't buy or carry everything in every color under the sun for everyone who might walk in the door. What great customer service!

Hey Colleen, WEBS has it, not sure if you'll be out in western MA at all soon.

A friendly, helpful, realistic yarn shop--I love it!

I used to do that all the time at the bookstore where I worked. People would always act so surprised (and once in awhile indignant), that I would send them somewhere else. Of course, I always sent them somewhere independent and local (or to Powells online). I think it's just good business practice.

That's awesome customer service! And you'll keep coming back to them b/c of that kind of service.

I've had a similar experience at one of my LYS's where the folks there are incredibly nice. I was looking for something very particular in a very particular color which they didn't have, and the employee whispered to me, "you know, I think you could probably find that at Michaels). Way cool! I agree that it is the "Miracle on 34th Street" mentality. Good customer service will always bring people back to your store.

What wonderful service!

I've always had a great experience there. It's so nice having an LYS near work. Having a bad day? Go fondle yarn. They can hover a bit, but in a good way.

You can try Marilyn's Yarn www.marilynsyarn.com for Cascade. She has a huge selection. No online ordering, but would most likely ship it to you.

You can try Marilyn's Yarn www.marilynsyarn.com for Cascade. She has a huge selection. No online ordering, but would most likely ship it to you.

I love Windsor Button. No, not just love. I Windsor Button. They're my absolute favorites - great staff, wonderfully helpful, reasonable prices and a selection that can't be beat. Now if only they were open on Sundays ...


hey i looked at there web site and it looks like they have it. happy knitting.

Colleen, there is a bunch of 8012 at the Woburn Fabric Place as of this PM.

If she's still working there I know the manager of WBS. I used to live across the street from her and she's a wonderful person!

If you didn't have any luck finding your yarn another shop to consider is Sit and Knit in Melrose. They're a small shop but very helpful and easy to find. As a matter of fact the shop is just up the street from one of the commuter rail stations in Melrose!

Happy Knitting!

Just wanted to mention that I was at Windsor Button on Friday and the owner [Susan?] is so nice and super helpful!


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