Holiday Checklist

I have so much to blog about today, but my bags are packed and there's no time to joke around.

First, the holiday update:

The knitting:



(and something else that must stay off blog for the near future)


The yarn: packed!



Chosen!  It's Old Blue II.  The more that I thought about it, the more that I knew that this weekend, with all its promised craziness, would not be suitable for learning new techniques, nor did I think a felting project was a good idea.  I know that I will be listening to "Oooh, why is it so big?  Oooh, it shrinks?  Oooh, will it work?" over and over and OVER, until I want to use my knitting needles for other purposes.


Meanwhile, I recently won a contest over at The Project.  It was very kind of Jackie to offer the prizes for simply suggesting that mistake rib is THE stitch pattern to use for a manly scarf.  For very little effort on my part, here's what I received.


Steadfast Fibers fingering weight and some matching stitch markers.  Look, one of the stitch markers has a special "mini marker"


Do you see it on the left?  Would you believe that before now I had no stitch markers like this?  I have no excuse.

As I was looking at the yarn, I realized that it matches my spring jacket perfectly:


I'm seeing a spring stole happening.  Remember Cozy?  It would be fabulous knit in fingering weight. Wouldn't a gray felted bucket hat be the perfect addition to this ensemble?  Thanks a lot Jackie! The yarn and markers were a very nice package to receive in my mailbox, and I'm very excited that it already has a project connected to it.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Merry Christmas if you're celebrating, and enjoy the peace and quiet if you are not.  I'll see you all on Monday with a hat update!

Research update: lots of hosting companies were recommended to me.  Within a couple of days I have narrowed down my hosting choices to two companies and (based on such things as cost, bandwidth, disk space, and response to my inquiries.)  Let me say that there seem to be many, many great companies out there.  These two are by no means the best or the only ones. and pair. com are both MT hosting partners, and will install and maintain Movable Type for me.  This seemed like a nice way for me (someone with limited technical knowledge, and limited resources to dig myself out of a hole if I have problems) to start out on my own.  All I need to do is to learn how to use the application :-). 


I'm totally with you on near-mindless knitting at family gatherings! It sounds like a great project!

Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas!

I'm so glad that you like it AND that it goes so well with your coat!

Hope you have a happy and safe holiday! :)


Have a great holiday Colleen! Oh and MT's a snap - you will have no trouble!

Happy Christmas Colleen!

have a great christmas!

have a great holiday season! those colors do match your spring coat v. well!

Merry Christmas, Colleen! Enjoy the time with your family. :)

Looking forward to the hat update. Plus, I'm a big fan of most any shade of blue.

Until then, Merry Christmas and safe travels to you and yours, Colleen!

Its extremely blue over here....


Have a great holiday!

Beautiful knits...I know they will all be loved! Happy Holidays!

Your scarves and other knits look so very nicely done - kudos! I look forward to seeing your hat. And lucky you for getting that yummy yarn -- I LOVE the color! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!


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