Here's the Funny Thing

Before now, if you had shown me the patterns for Backyard Leaves and Midwest Moonlight, and asked me which one would be trickier to knit, I would have answered "Backyard Leaves" without a second thought.  Those increases and decreases, the shaping, and the stitch-count changes all indicated "fiddly pattern" to this knitter.

Of course, it's turned out to be exactly the opposite.  Neither pattern requires superior knitting skills.  The difference is that a mistake in Backyard Leaves shows itself immediately, whereas in Midwest Moonlight you don't notice a counting mistake until you get to the end of the row and find yourself with too many or too few stitches.  I now know how Dani felt when she knitted hers.

Including Dani's, I have seen quite a few Midwest Moonlights in blogland, and they all look great.  The yarn makes a difference and can change the overall look of the project.  Nikki's variegated MM really looks lovely.  Most of the time I dislike variegated colorways, but this pattern would look fabulous with a variegated yarn.  Shireen's Midwest Moonlight turned out wonderfully, and that bold red gives the pattern a sophisticated look.


I can't wait to see how my version looks.

Now for a different funny thing.  Are your inboxes getting inundated with spam about new email addresses and photos of a certain celebrity whom I shall not name (to save on Google hits)?  [The second one I don't understand at all because, speaking for myself, the less I see of Ms. H, the better.]  It's been non-stop spam at my Yahoo! address.  Luckily all the emails get shunted to my "Bulk" folder, but I wonder if they are crowding out legitimate messages here and in my other accounts.


I've been getting a ton of the nonsense kind of emails; as well as a lot with Chinese characters. And I'm very, very lucky in those international lotteries!

Can't wait to see the unveiling of Backyard Leaves!

moonlight madness scarf is looking really good. it's one that i've wanted to make for awhile.

as for the spam -- i just have a lot of ipod nano and xbox spam in my bulk boxes right now.

Pretty! So what yarn are you usiing?

gorgeous scarf!!!!

And yes, ever since turkey day the spam on yahoo has been horrible!!!!

Cheers Eva

Hey, I'm a long time lurker and new blogger. I love seeing your new projects - you always have such great colors and textures. I just finished my own Midwest Moonlight - isn't that pattern pretty? I just love it.

I'm a regular reader of your blog,I really love it and thought it was about time I told you, I always feel a bit sneaky lurking here and never saying anything! That scarf is fantastic and I would never have known there was a seam unless you had mentioned it..still can't see it.
Although I have Yahoo to thank for spotlighting your blog, I too, along with everyone else, am being relentlessly spammed with invites to see those two hussies who shall be nameless,nice to have 15 emails every morning, not so nice to find 12 of them are spam, grrrrr.....


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