Hearing the Song....

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know I wrote on Friday that I was taking the weekend off.  Clearly, I need help, because I just can't stay away from the blog!  Here's a bonus post for those of you who are roaming around blogland after (or before) your holiday dinners.

I managed one more holiday knit before I left home:


Here's a sneaky hat that I made from the Wool Ease left over from my dad's mittens.  He loves the set.  I'm sure that he's pining away for the next blizzard when he can use them while he uses the snowblower.

As I was knitting away on my hat (update tomorrow, I promise) I noticed that I had forgotten my US6 needle at home.  Being out in Western Massachusetts means that I could easily succumb to the siren song of WEBS.  In all honesty, I wasn't planning to go up there this weekend (do I need more yarn? answer: no), but a US 6 is required for the hat's middle section.  A trip to the yarn store was in order! 

Maybe deep down I forgot the needle on purpose.  I hopped in the car (no subway out here, people) and twenty minutes later I found myself in Northampton.  There I was, with a pair of Addis in my hand, standing in front of the Cascade 220.


That's Cascade 220, colorway 9411.  Claudia's version of Celtic Harbor Hat is coming out very well.  She has inspired me to tackle Fair Isle when I knit mine.  The actual color is a much darker green, but this photo does a great job of picking up all of the other colors in these hanks.  This yarn will coordinate perfectly with my winter coat.

With my newly purchased needles, my current hat is looking good.  Stay tuned!


OK, just as addicted as you! christmas day really means hanging around the house, and when my nephew put down his new computer game, I hopped on. Love the new cascade colorway!

Oh Really? You went to WEBS and all you got was THT yarn? Why dont I believe you???
;-) Have a great holiday!

Now I know why they have PREVIEW MODE!

Oh Really? You went to WEBS and all you got was THAT little bit of yarn? Why dont I believe you???
;-) Have a great holiday!

I can't believe you were able to sneak a hat in.

I love that colorway of Cascade 220.

Have you been to "Wonderful Things" in Great Barrington? It may be a bit farther than WEBS for you. Her annual sale is coming up, I think at the end of January, if you're planning to be in town. I have found some incredible bargains in her little "Orphanage" room.

I am on Beths side this time LOL that just dosen't sound like you and I have only known you for a short time. I would have to have at least one color of each mostly red white & blue and at least 5 shades of green
Don't eat to much but don't count the calories none LOL.

Yay! A post! I am so easily made happy....

My version of Celtic Harbor is finished and I'll post my thoughts soon. This is a GREAT first fair isle project, IMHO.

Merry Christmas!! The hat is cool - Santa brought me a Lendrum spinning wheel for Christmas so now I have to decide what to do with my free time - knit or spin?

I think I read your blog just so I can find new and exciting colors of Cascade 220 . . . One of the great mysteries of life must be how - no matter how much yarn we have - we never have the yarn we need. How is that?

Oh, and supercute hat. Looks comfy, too.

Oh, that's so sweet. Dad has a matching set! The hat is very cute and I love the yarn color you bought too. But only one skein of Cascade 220? Hmmm. . . .


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