Hat Crisis

With Dad's mittens well under control, I must face the looming hat crisis chez Subway Knitter.  My blue hat, while lovely, simply does not go with my coat.  Something must be done, and that something must involve yarn.

I have blogged recently about potential hat projects.  I have the yarn for one, and I have another in the queue.

"What is it?" you ask.

Besides the Celtic Harbor Hat, I discovered this one on the Fiber Trends website:


Ah!  Here is the felted hat for which I have searched!  If you can't tell, I'm looking for a boxy hat which will cover my ears.  The bucket hat patterns, while great, will be more suited to early spring weather.

A pattern search began.  Phone call to two local stores (A Good Yarn and Wild & Woolly) proved fruitless--not in stock.  I sent an email to WEBS; it's not there either.  I finally found the pattern online at Purlple Kitty Yarns, in New York (state, not city).  I hope to have it soon.


That's an interesting style of hat. I'm not sure if I would like on me or not, but I am curious to see it finished up. You just never know!

Cute, cute hat! I'm glad you were able to track down the pattern.

Cute hat! Just the thing to keep your ears warm.

Do felted hats crush your hair more or less than non-felted hats? I wonder . . .


I am looking for a dredlock hat and can't find one anywhere. i need to make it for a friend before he leaves in 2 weeks. the type i am looking for is a large one with a brim. do you know where i might find one?

any help is appreciated



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