Hat Blocking

As promised, here is a photo of my hat on the blocking board:


I'm trying to enforce a boxier shape on top, while keeping the band snug.  A few of you left some blocking questions in my comments earlier this week.  I always wet block my wool things.  A ten-minute soak in a warm-ish water (just because it's nicer on my hands if the water is not icy) to which I have added some wool wash or (if I think that the yarn might need a stronger soap) dish detergent.  My current brand is Dawn, but I don't think that the brand matters.  Maybe I swish the knit around in the water (gently, no felting needed here), maybe I don't.

The drawback to dish detergent is that it must be rinsed.   If I rinse, I drain the sink, squeeze out as much of the water as possible, and then refill the sink with cold water.  I make sure that the stream of water does not run onto the yarn to prevent felting.  I let the knit soak for about ten minutes.  Again, maybe I swish it around the sink, maybe I don't.

There's not much to it.  When I'm satisfied that the yarn is rinsed, I once again squeeze out as much moisture as possible.  Then, I lay out the knit on my blocking board t0 let it dry.

I don't find that my knits block smaller (as someone asked).  If anything they bloom and stretch. 


More often than anything else, when I wash my wool goodies, I use my own hair conditioner. You'd be surprised at how well it can wash. (I only use shampoo on my hair every few days, and conditioner-wash the rest of the week. V05 Kiwi-Lime Clarifying Conditioner is one of the best washing-conditioners I know, and cheap, too.) The beauty of using this for wool is that, while you may want to rinse some of it, it doesn't have to be thoroughly rinsed. It leaves the wool soft. And for normally-dirty things--like a handknit you've just finished knitting (as opposed to wool right off the sheep)--it's usually sufficient to clean. The trick is to let it soak just a little longer than you would with soap--the surfecants in the conditioner work, but they take longer.

I LOVE the orange blocking board. Where did you get it?

thanks for the info, i am still trying to find the best way to wash and block my knits.

That's funny Kristin, the first thing I thought was "Cool, board!
Where did she get it?"

Some of my favorite tools
1. salad spiner
2.wool wash or woollite your choice
3. borax powder
salad spins dry,rinses,all that's left i love dunking my garments old school finger tips

$1 is all i spend for a big bottle of wool wash off brand works for me.

borax powder I keep on hand just for the queen of clean, and one day i was reading the box and to my suprise something about wool so I decided to try it on red heart yarn and you just can't get me away from it.

I am not saying that you are doing anything wrong I am just tell you some of my favs
also i would like to ad some cosmetics are good as well and other items just look aroud your local cheap stores and ask yourself i wonder what this will do maybe it will work and maybe it won't just ask yourself not the clerk if you talk out loud to yourself they might think you are crazy just tell them that you had no choice and that is the best way to craft buy and they get use to it


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