Go Figure

The label was right!


When I'm swatching with a nubly yarn like this Artful Yarns Legend, I don't measure a four-inch square for gauge.  Instead, I remember how many stitches I cast on (20, in this case) and I keep track of my rows (40).  Knit with US8s, this swatch measures six inches wide by eight inches long, in garter stitch.  Therefore my gauge is 3.3 stitches per inch and 5.75 rows per inch in garter stitch.  Very close to the label: 3-3.5 stiches and 5-5.75 rows per inch.

Time for a little math before I begin my hat.


that's pretty yarn

oh, i just love the colors! i think that yarn is so amazing (good thing i'm a knitter, no?) it can look one way in the hank, another in a ball, and then something totally different knitted up in any stitch combination! it's always a crap shoot, but a fun one ;)

What they already said. The yarn really is pretty.

I love that yarn. I did the one ball beret that the company included on the yarn label.

That is such pretty yarn! Can't wait to see the hat it makes!

the colors remind me of a rainbow with many extra colors


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