The frustration level over at subwayknitter.com is very, very high.

I'll tell you that have little to no experience with Movable Type.  This, of course, didn't stop me.  I eagerly began to learn the basics, change things here and there, and prepare to move my little internet self over to my very own domain.  There were snags here and there, things that I would fix later, but all in all, I felt pretty good.

That was the case until it came time to add my links.  While it's easy to add your own links--Movable Type has an article all about doing just that--I had to get cocky.  Instead of one huge list of blogs, I wanted one clean and simple link on the main page that would generate my Newsgator blogroll.

Easy peasy, according to Newsgator.  Indeed, I got the script copied and pasted into my Main Index template.  And that, my friends, is where things started to go horribly, miserably wrong.

I republished my site (if that is even the right term for what I did) and instantly noticed that the few test entries I published would no longer display.  What the...

I decided that it must have been the script that I added.  I took it and everything else which I added earler out of the template, and republished it.  Nope, no dice.

Apparently I have done something so devastatingly wrong to my Main Index template that I can't undo it.  The entries won't display.  I don't know what to do, where to look, or how to even begin to know what went wrong.

I feel doomed.


Colleen, I have no great words of advice, but I wish you well. I enjoy reading your blog very much and I hope you have a successful move to subwayknitter.com! I look forward to visiting you there.

(a very beginning and somewhat slow and lazy couch-knitter!)

DON'T WORRY! It will all be okay. Eventually you will be able to work your way back to the problem. Check all punctunation, marks, etc. Did you accidentally erase something? I swear to god - one period out of place will cause the whole freaking thing to explode. You probably accidentally erased a div - /div. Make sure all of them have partners.

Email me your main template file (copy and paste into a text document) and I'll see if I can help. :-)

You will be OKAY! And subwayknitter.com will be FANTASTIC! YAY!

Bummer. So frustrating. I hope you find a fix. I have avoided running my own site for this exact reason - I do that kind of insanely frustrating troubleshooting for pay, but on my own time I'd rather use my hard won free time on knitting. Cara's advice is good: check, check and triple check for one teeny tiny dot or brace or /div out of place.

Hang in there--I have faith that you'll get this to work--just don't throw the computer out the window in the mean time!

don't panic!!! contact me.. i can help.

Don't give up. 'Course I'm one to talk! I looked over all of the blog hosts, and it all went completely over my head -- to technical. I decided to be pampered by tripod.com and I have been happy ever since. But you have come this far, so don't give up.

Take a deep breath and relax, you will figure it out. Everytime I do anything with Movable Type, it's a learning experience! Just keep a handy dandy log book of what you do, keep what works, line out what doesn't...it will help in the long run. In the interim, I am waiting with bated breath to see subwayknitter.com!!!

The fact that you were able to figure out MT at all makes me want to drop down and worship you! I tried MT and WordPress, but neither would bend to my will and just wound out being ugly as hell. I finally gave in and just use us my blogger account (easily tweaked) and syndicated.

Best of luck. I tried MT, and after almost 5 months I gave up. I've been using WordPress with no troubles. You have greater flexibility with MT, though. Looking forward to seeing your site.
Happy New Year!


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