Dad's Mittens

...are getting there.  One is done:


Say what you want, but this Wool Ease is pretty good stuff.  And, mittens might just be the perfect gift-knitting, subway projects.  They're small, a good way to use up stash, and don't take too long to knit.  You could have several pairs on your gift knitting list with no problem.

Thank you, thank you for all of your advice and encouragement about setting out on my own, blog-wise.  I'm going to give myself a month to research my options.  Lists and spreadsheets might be involved.  I guess the first question is to decide on my software.  MT or Wordpress?

MT appeals to me because, due to my Typepad experience,  it's something with which I am already (somewhat) familiar.  Overall, I'm happy with Typepad.  I'm not happy with the current bandwidth limits (I blow through my bandwidth every month; luckily Typepad has yet to shut me down or charge me for overages), and I haven't been happy with the slow and unreliable access over the past few months.

The idea of going with one of Typepad's hosting "partners" also appeals, because it seems like the transition might be smooth, and I might even be able to export my existing format.  I don't know about that.  Research is in order!


No matter what you decide with respect to hosting, we support you. That being said, there's a definite advantage to being out "on your own." The issue is that Typepad and Blogger have ALL 'em blogs on ONE server, so when things go screwey, everyone suffers, all at once. If you select a good host (there are so many), this type of global outage for the entire Typepad community will not happen. To me, that's the big advantage. And the bandwidth :) :) :).

actually, typepad distributes its load over several servers but all in one ISP so if the ISP has troubles or older servers then there's problems...

but anyway, fig and plum recently switched over to a hosting company that is a MT partner and had good things to say about it. i've seen MT, wordpress, and textpattern and i still think MT is the most powerful though the hardest to maintain. WP is easy to install and their themes are great but you don't get as much flexibility in templates. also you have to have separate installs of WP for separate blogs. anyway, i've done a lot of research on this stuff! email me if you'd like to discuss.

I'm probably a heretic, but I love wool-ease.

I use WordPress on my blog and I like it a lot. It's really easy to manage.

Man, you're a fast knitter! I envy that! Nice mitty!

No opinion as to blog software except that I use blogger 'cause it's free and I'm "thrifty", (okay, cheap). Don't know if/when I'd ever want to pay to blog, but I do get annoyed with blogger quite a bit, so I can appreciate your frustration with typepad.

Typepad keep on about bandwidth and not charging, but it's only a matter of time I'm sure. Do you think they'll give us any freebies for this..ahem, mishap over the weekend?


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