Crisis Over

I expected to have a hat in progress to show you this morning.

I didn't expect to have the finished object:


I suppose that's what you get when given a weekend of knitting time.  Family celebrations were relaxed and informal, and I was even able to get in a few rows after Christmas Eve dinner.  By late on Christmas Eve, this hat was complete.

I think that I want to block this about a half an inch bigger on top, to give my hair a little extra room.  Other than that, a complete success.

The details:

Pattern: from a Leisure Arts leaflet, copyright 1981.  I modified it for gauge, and instead of the stripe sequence suggested in the pattern, I fudged something different.  Really, this is just a garter-stitch tube gradually decreased and closed at one end.

Needles: US8s and 6s.

Yarn: Cascade 220, colorway 8012.  I used slightly less than one hank.


Dear Subway Knitter's Family,

Get that girl a table-top tripod!

I'd love to actually see that hat on you.


Will blocking it really give you that room? I need to tell my neice to do that to make the hat I knitted for her, a little bigger. I'm not a big blocker believer....
Can I ask you to enlighten me??????????

We all know that blocking is the key to yarn
but dosent it depend on the type of yarn you are using and how you block you your board. I have noticed that some yarns block smaller and some block larger yes or no?
by the way I am a hand knitter the old way with the newer needles.

The hat looks pretty nice. Great job!

You rock! Was it just the different sized needles that make the edge stitches look so much more pronounced than the crown?

I love that hat! I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for old Leisure Arts Pamphlets!

Love the hat! Could you show us a picture of the Leisure Arts pamphlet you got it from? This is exactly the type of hat my daughter-in-law would love. Thanks.


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