Bulky? This?!

Putting aside the serious problems that many New Yorkers must be encountering this morning, what would Subway Knitter do during a transit strike?

According to the label on my Artful Yarns Legend, this is a bulky-weight yarn.  I don't buy it.  Look, here is the Legend next to my old standby, Cascade 220.


I don't see how it's going to knit at 3 to 3.5 stitches per inch with a US 8 to 10 without looking very lacy.  Cascade knits 5 stitches per inch on a US 7.  Remember, I'm using the yarn to knit a hat.  While lacy hats might be fine for some, I can already tell that I'm going to have little patience for the cold this winter.

There's only one solution: swatching.

Research update: I am knee-deep in researching hosting companies, software, and domain registrars.  A few of you (and I won't out you here to avoid your being deluged by other curious bloggers) have been very generous in sharing your opinions, experiences, and knowledge about this stuff.    I think that I'll do just as much work to find my virtual home as I did to find my real one (i.e. my mortgage), and I suspect that I will find numerous solutions, each equally good.  Personal preference will probably make the final call for me.

After receiving a few leads from other bloggers, I began to contact hosting services.  It seems as if people are passionate about their hosting companies.  This is good news, it means that there are quite a few good options from which to choose.

I developed a list of questions based on my blog's needs, my knowledge level, and the amount of time and energy which I can commit to this project.  I have emailed the sales departments of a few hosting providers.

Software: there appear to be three major blogging software applications.  Movable Type, WordPress, and Textpattern.  Again, each has its pros and cons.  For a good review and comparison of each, go here (thanks S, for that link).  MT seems to come with options for a lot of outside support.  That's perfect for where I am right now.  Then there is the whole closed-source/open-source thing with these applications, which I don't understand well enough to be able to explain here.  And, from a strictly personal standpoint, I like the MT blog format.  But, that's just me.


I just wanted to put out one other hosting/software combo--www.squarespace.com It can be as simple to set up as you might want, or you can get into the nuts and bolts with CSS coding if you enjoy that technology. I've never had a problem with it since I've been using it. Anyway! As for the yarn, I like the look of it! I'll have to look some up, but I agree that, at least on 10s, that isn't going to make a very dense, warm hat! Good luck on the swatching.

Just chiming in as a longtime reader, first-time commenter - I use Movable Type with Textdrive - http://www.textdrive.com - and if I weren't happy with them, I'd switch to Verve Hosting - http://www.vervehosting.com - I have several good friends who swear by Verve's customer service and you can't beat that with a stick (or a knitting needle).

I'm just interested to follow along and see what you decide to do. May come in handy some day....

Okay, maybe it's just me, but I could see that being bulky, Maybe a tiny, tiny bit lacey, but bulky all the same.

I'll be interested to see what you end up doing, hosting-wise and such. good luck with it all.

Weird. That's like that "worsted" I got that's just as thick as my sport.

My knitting has suffered during the strike. I do most of it on the subway. My husband's been driving, but I do not knit in the car. Visions of needles thrust through my chest (or eyeballs) by the airbag in an accident, keep me from ever doing that.


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