A Knitty Surprise

This season seems all about the small project for Subway Knitter.  I forgot, however, that Knitting Grandma is the queen of the small project.

Here is one of the things that KG gifted to me on Christmas:


What struck me about this was how pleased I was with this.  Look at those swirly pastels!  Those are going to make me happy when I see them in the shower.  Actually, Knitting Grandma often gives me these hand-knit washcloths and I love 'em.  The cotton yarn feels nice on my skin, I think that they work better than the terry-cloth versions, and they're very colorful.

It's a gift idea which often slips my mind.   Imagine a swatch of Peaches n' Cream knit in a pretty stitch pattern.  Wrap it around a bar of frou-frou soap, tie it with a coordinating ribbon, and you have a fantastic gift.

Martha could not do any better.


What a wonderful knitty gift and definitely one that is simple to make. Thanks for refreshing my mind on a simple, inexpensive gift, especially pairing it with a soap and ribbon, such a neat idea and who wouldn't love it?

I knit my Grandma washcloths for Christmas. I usually knit a loop onto the corner; makes it easier to hang in the shower while not in use.

That is lovely, and I love your idea of a really lovely soap with a hand-knit washcloth wrapped around it -- I will try to remember that around Mother's Day!

I've also thought about doing a set of potholders -- with stitches I'm learning and practicing, a different stitch for each potholder. Just a bunch of swatches, really, and quick to knit.

Yay, Grandma!

now thats pretty i like those colors and the edge is how do i put this very well put togher and neat as it crinkles on one side from what i can see it sot of looks like a pic of something. and its peacful to me.

That is a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift. And a much better use of my time than making 200+ minature pecan pies for office gifts...

What a lovely gift, I really like the soft muted colors in the pattern. Beautiful!

Any chance of mentioning the pattern used for this pretty wash cloth? Thanks.


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