This Isn't Right

Umm, a heel?  I don't think so.


My experment to knit the heel with simple short-row wraps was a disaster.  I don't know why, exactly, it didn't work, but let's agree that it's a no-go.

I quickly frogged the bad heel, and returned to the pattern's heel turning technique.  Thanks to a quick tutorial from Alison, I have unlocked the mystery of the backwards yarn over.  Turns out that I was doing it the almost the right way all along.  I was holding the yarn over with my finger and making it slightly looser than it should have been.

Now that's a heel:


What was my hangup with heel turning?  Why did I find it tedious?  Because, it sure ain't!  This is fun stuff.

There might be a sock knitter in me yet.


Way to go! The first time a heel comes out is like magic.

Pretty yarn too!

What a creative heel! Of course there's a sockknitter in you - you just need to get used to them so first, so that you can start tweaking the patterns successfuly - because we all know you aren't going to knit anything straight off the page.

That first pic freaks me out, I can't figure it out.

I still haven't tried the backwards yo, Ill need to give it a try after seeing yours.

Tehe. I'm actually a converted wrapper now. I can wrap without recipe, but for yo I need one. Weird, huh?
Tehe. You like your heel.

The first time I tried a short row heel, EXACTLY the same thing happened as up there. Hope is renewed in me that someday I'll be successful in another attempt. Nice sock!

I remember my first socks i thought i was doing them wrong because the heel didn't look like a heel and i had to learn off of a tv show guess what i was doing them right after all lol. I was so happy I laughed for hours. but i haven't tryied the backward loop heel never heard of it i'm glad i have all of you to show me how thanks for info i don't need a pattern though however i do need how many sts were cast on even or odd.

She's been bitten!

I see a sock knitter.


Long-time lurker, first-time (I think) poster. I picked up two skeins of the Dorchester Farms Handpainted Sock Yarn in almost that exactly colorway (mine appears to have a bit of khaki/taupe in it which doesn't seem to be in yours.) I'm not sure if I'm going to do socks (I've got some Java Cherry Tree Hill that's calling for that honor), but I was thinking about this scarf
( Oh the decisions! Thank you for your inspirations and honesty! Next time I'm in the Boston area (I live in VT), I'll scope out the "T".


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