This Can Mean Only One Thing

When you see this:


You know that it means sock knitting.

Yes, it's true!  I, Subway Knitter, knitter who does not knit socks, am about to embark on a sock project!

"What happened?" you ask.  I'll tell you.  The Softwist Cardigan is going to take years to dry.  Even if it were dry, it's going to be a busy weekend around here.  I won't be able to devote the proper amount of time and attention to sewing those armholes shut.  There will be lots of coming and going and I need a new, small, project.   

Socks seem the perfect solution.  As the cold weather makes its annual appearance, the Koigu Socks are getting more and more airtime.  They sure do keep my feet warm in an apartment that's, well, not. 

Instead of knitting socks with a huge cuff, I decided to stick with something more slipper-like.  I pulled Alison's anklet pattern off of her blog.  My plan is to do an anklet sock with a cute edging and a short-row heel.

It's time to do a little swatch....


Great idea, good luck with the socks! I was sort of expecting the feather-and-fan sweater/shrug thing next... but I guess little projects first?

You do knit socks. Just not obsessively as some of us. But, good lord, woman! Swatching for socks?!

yeah! socke!! you'll love it. i am thinking of making that anklet this weekend or next!!

Soft Twist is looking great on the blocking board. Good luck with the zipper.

Thanks for the anklet link - just what I need for that extra Koigu. Have a great busy weekend - I started wrist/hand warmers last night for exactly the same reasons.

Somehow I knew you would swatch for a sock ;-)

The colours are beautiful...looking forward to seeing the finished lovelies...

I am having big yarn envy. That stuff is awesome. Then again, everything in my life is pink and purple so not a big surprise. What happened to the ones you were working on at KS with the cute scalloped edge?

Socks are so much fun! Enjoy.

We must be tracking here, Colleen. I am just about to embark on my first pair of socks with my recent purchase of Nancy Bush "Vintage Socks", size 2 dpns, and a few skeins of lovely Sock Garden yarn.

Here's wishing you the best socks ever!

Koigu doesn't really need to be blocked, does it? What you knit is pretty much what you get, right? *hoping*

Yay! You are knitting socks! So exciting.


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