The New MagKnits

The latest edition of MagKnits was uploaded on Monday. 


May I just say "oh my goodness"?  The best part is that I have some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed.  Repeat:  I have the yarn specified.

I have been thinking lately that it would be nice to knit a pattern as it was written.  This could be the one.  Except that I'm not too sure about those saddle shoulders.  I was thinking about another raglan....

Whatever the case, I don't have the time in my knitting schedule to accommodate a sweater for me.  This is a good thing, because  I also don't have the patience to suffer through the uncertainty that comes with a complete redesign.  The next few projects will be small sweaters, hats, and scarves.

But I do love those sleeves!


I fell in love with those cables too. They remind me of G Clefs in musical notation.

those are wicked cool sleeves -- definitely worth a second, third or fourth look even

I'm with you on the sleeve cables. Looks like fun AND you have the yarn!

The sleeves are the best part of the sweater. Maybe you can adapt them to something else?

It's a stunner, isn't it. I'm with you -- too much on my knitting "plate"!

Interesting...the fronts and back would go so quickly at that gauge, and then you have the sleeves to look forward to for the fun cable knitting!

Oh my goodness indeed -- for both the pattern and the boy.

Well, then make a scarf using that pattern!

Wonderful sleeve cables! Printed out and filed in the pattern folder. Maybe Valentina has it closer to the truth....

I too liked that pattern. Hmm, definitely something to ponder.

i may knit this for my husband, i showed it to him, he likes it.. heh!


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