The Knitting Meme

Okay, so I am the last person on the planet to post this:

(drumroll, please......) It's the Knitting Meme, courtesy of Carolyn

1.  What is your favorite all-time yarn?
No question: Cascade 220.  Its color selection is unmatched, it is soft yet durable, and it is easy on the knitter's checkbook.

2.  What are your favorite needles?
I am really beginning to like the ebony circulars for small gauge stuff, with Addis for anything US8 and above.  Most of my DPNs are bamboo, and I find that they grip slippery stitches nicely.

3.  What is the worst thing that you ever knit?
My Madison Coat.  Everything is wrong about it.  It's too heavy, it doesn't hang in my closet, it was knit tightly, but still there's enough gaps to let in cold air, it smells when it's wet...  Do I need to go on?


(thanks Alison for the photo--saved to my own server)

4.  What is your favorite knitting pattern?
I really enjoyed knitting my version of Madeleine this spring.  For versatility, you cannot beat Joan McGowan Michael's Shapely Tank Top.  I find myself returning to that pattern as a basis for fitting other designs to me.


5.  Most valuable knitting technique?
Someone else already said bravery.  I'll say perspective!  It's only knitting.  That means if I need to frog something three times to get it just right, or take a few days to plan the perfect project, or just take a break and read a book, it's no problem.  This is my hobby, not my life.

6.  Best knitting book or magazine?
I love The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, and The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns.  I find myself turning to both of them more and more to help me begin a project (no matter how much I might later alter the knit).

7.  Favorite knit along?
Oh dear!  I haven't joined a knit along in ages.  I just got Scarf Style, and plan to knit a few scarves from that book, so maybe I'll join that one.

8.  Favorite knitting blogs?
Tons!  Too many to list here.

9.  Knitted item I wear the most?
My Cascade 220 garter-stitch scarf.  It's one of the first things that I knit, and I love it (dropped stitches and all)!

10.  Who is left to tag?
I don't know.  If you want it, you got it!

In other news, the cardigan is dry and I'm pretty sure that the blocking worked (yay!).  I simply need a chunk of time to sit down and carefully and thoroughly sew the armholes shut.  No sense in screwing it up at this late date.  Stay tuned....


Really? Your Madison coat? I know it left you in traction to knit it, but it's no fun to wear? What a pity.
And forge ahead with that sock, there girl. You need some. I'll be cheering from the sidelines.

You're not the last. I haven't done it yet...mainly because I can't decide on the answers. They're all, "well, for this project it's this, for that project it's that, and which book? oh crap, I have to decide?"

Geminis hate memes like that ;-)

Waiting on pins and needles for the verdict of the cardigan . . .

That shapely tank is just gorgeous! Good job!


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