Yes, I realize that Thanksgiving is not until Thursday, but I'm already giving thanks for this:


The Softwist Cardigan!


This sweater was a hard-won knitting victory.  Design modifications galore, four sleeves, frogging the raglan, worries about fit.  You name it, I dealt with it.

The good news is that the fit is great!  With this sweater I finally learned that even after blocking, a wool sweater will stretch.  If you want a slim fit, then plan for it.  After blocking, I slipped the cardigan over my shoulders and I was horrified: it was tight.  It wasn't incredibly tight but I would have liked about an extra inch in the sleeves.  Once I seamed the armholes and wore the cardigan for about a half hour, I got my extra ease.

The zipper and collar still remain.  I'm not rushing with the collar, mainly because I'm not sure about the approach.  A proper fold-down collar?  A simple crochet edge?  Pick up and bind off stitches?  I still don't know.  I can't rush into that zipper, because I don't have it yet.

Yay, yay, yay!  Need I say any more?


It is looking great! My personal favourite would be a collar like I did on the Vogue Cardi
(don't know what's the name for that), but that's just me.

Oh, it's fantastic! I love the slim fit - tres chic. I kind of like it with the feminine round neckline, actually - maybe just pick up, knit a couple of rows, and work a picot edge?

Great job ! Even with not zip, it looks great !

Indeed yay yay yay! That looks freakin' perfect. I am so impressed (why, I don't know, as I should just expect beautiful things from you). What a worthwhile fight. Go Colleen!

Oh Colleen it's PERFECT! I'm so happy it all worked out - and you look so satisfied! Wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations!

Great job Colleen!! It's stunning. Hope to see it in person soon.

Tres magnifique! My 2 cents is to bind off on the collar because it looks amazing as is!

Wow, Colleen, it looks great! Thanksgiving, indeed; can't wait to see how you finish.

Nice job on the cardigan! it looks like it fits you really well. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Looks great!! I love the fit and I actually really like the neckline as it is. Maybe pickup and bind off or picot?

Lovely cardigan. It looks to me from the last few posts that you have quite a few lovely finished projects to show off. You've been busy.

Fantastico! (sorry the kids are watching dora...that's all the spanish i know!) Love it, get that zipper in, it is going to be one fabulous cardigan.

Spectacular job! The fit is perfect!

It's SO pretty. I really like it without a collar. The stitch pattern is so beautiful that you'll have to be careful not to detract from it. Maybe you should think about a complementary edge stitch.

I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look great!

It looks fabulous--the fit looks perfect! Great job.

I really love the sweater as it is and will add to the chorus of voices suggesting that you leave the rounded collar...maybe a picot edge. Just lovely.

Wow, it looks fabulous! I love it when crazy ideas and hard work actually pay off once in a while!

I had a feeling that it would work out just fine all along, and it's even more beautiful than I imagined. I agree with previous posters; something very simple at the collar edge will be best so as not to detract from the fabulous stitch design. Yay!

I don't think you need much of a collar either. The cardigan really looks great and I'm glad the fit is good too. Great job Colleen!

It came out great! love the raglan sleeves--wonder why they're so seldom used these days. They look great.

I really, really like how open the collar is - very flattering. So whatever you do collarwise, don't bring it in any closer to the neck.

And you are so right about the ease. Gravity and body heat are the final blocking step.....

Looks marvelous. Well done.

It looks great! Now don't worry about the zipper, they're really not hard. Just baste before you sew and you'll be fine. Heck, if you can make that sweater you can sew in a darn zipper.

It is lovely. The more I see it, the more I think you should close it with frogs, if you can find any in a color close to the yarn, or cording to make your own. I don't like zippers, they tend to pooch out just where I don't want any extra pooch!

Congratulations on finishing! The color looks great on you!

That turned out great. It looks really wonderful and quite comfy too. Great job!

Outstanding work, Colleen! The color is beautiful and the fit is "just right".

.I'm glad it fits even if i had my fingers crossed and my prayer cap on I could'nt fit it any way LOL I am going to gain some weight this holiday and put on about a fat turkey size i'm already midi size and plump my hubby says not fat enough i say as if.
I think a hat or hood would be great on that sweater or jacket but it's not my choice.

Oh! I'm so HAPPY for you that this turned out well. It looks so fabulous. Excellent work.

It truly is fabulous. I agree with some of the others, the roundness of the neckline is very attractive. I think finishing it in keeping with that shape would be a plus.

Wow it is gorgeous... I agree with everyone's comments on the collar. If you're going to add one, make it sleek and simple.
Do you really need a zipper? I like the way it is without a zipper. It really looks great like this. And if you really want something to close it with I'd go for something that would only close it in one point. Maybe a tie at about booby level or maybe at waist level.
Just my 2 (euro) cts. worth :)

Wow, that turned out so well. That's a great color. Congrats!!

Fab ! Fab ! Fab !
It's a great fit,super colour and beautifully knitted.

Looks great. I like the shape of the collar as it is. Maybe a simple crochet edging to finish it off?

love the raglan sleeves and how it came together to fit so well. Great job!

You got the better of it in the end, well done!

LOVE how it turns out. marvelous work!!

That looks great on you. I'm having trouble visualizing a collar for this. Plain ribbing seems wrong. A fold over collar might overwhelm the detailing of the stitch pattern. I wonder how applied I-cord might look, and whether that could be made to go around the corner where the front band turns into the neckline. Hmmmm. I *do* hate crochet....

That looks wonderful even unfinished! I've been holding my breath on the fit, with the rest of the blogworld. Congratulations! Love the second picture.

You did it!! It is so beautiful, Colleen. Have fun planning the collar - I know you will choose just the perfect design.

congratulations! it's a great sweater!

Wow, Colleen, it looks great on you! Congratulations on a job well done.

Congratulations on the cardi, Colleen. It looks fantastic! Nothing better than knitting something the way you want it and having it turn out beautifully. Nice job!


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