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Because the Softwist Cardigan has become a giant, unwieldy thing, I needed a small project for subway knitting.  A hat will do just fine:


Using the Artful Yarns Candy (colorway 9367) which I scooped up at the latest Knitsmiths' swap (thanks Alison!) I cast on for the baby hat pattern that's given on the ball label.  Instead of knitting it flat and seaming, I decided to knit the hat in the round.  All good!  Except that I think that this hat could could easily fit me, never mind a baby.

I got the correct gauge, and I cast on the correct number of stitches (I checked both, twice).  This hat just looks huge.  Could it be that children's heads are bigger than I think that they are?

Quick, somebody: could you measure the circumference of your baby's head?


47 cm (18.5 inch) for 11-months old baby

Not so much a baby anymore, but my 2.5yr old has a 51cm head (20"). He's always been one of those melon-head babies though!

This page has head circ. charts for boys and girls:

A friend of mine knit that hat for a store sample but changed the gauge to yield a baby-sized hat. She used a smaller needle to get more stitch/inch than suggested.

Babies grow and it pains mothers to put away hats that are too small after 6 months. Don't worry if it is too big now, the baby will get much more wear out of it, I promise (says the mom who just packed up a box of handknit baby items with tears in my eyes).

I recently had the opposite problem, I thought I was knitting an adult hat while actually knitting a baby or small child hat. Who knew!

Babies heads' are definitley bigger than you would think - though I don't have any actual measurements for that. I made a baby hat last year and it seemed so big, but it ended up barely squeezing on her poor 6 month old head.


I made the mistake of underestimating the size of a newborn's head earlier this year. Turns out the poor kid could barely get the thing on - and I thought it was sized just right.

I have never understood why they give instructions to knit things flat that would make more sense being knitted in the round. It seems that beginners are being told it's easier to seam something than knitting on dpns. Who comes up with this BS and why is it being perpetuated?

You know, children's heads are surprisingly larger than you would think. The difference between a hat for a 4-year old and that of an adult is really only a couple of inches!! Not nearly as much as the difference in height!

Minimum neck stretch (the measurement given for a tee shirt so it is big enough to fit over a head) is 21" for babies, 23" for kids, and 24" for men. Now doesn't that make natural childbirth seem appealing??

A full-term newborn's head is 13-14" in circumference on average. My daughter's (at 7lbs 5oz full-term) was 13.5" at birth.


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