Stripey Sock Swatch

After Saturday's post, I grabbed that Dorchester Farms superwash sock yarn from the yarn box (yes, although I previously declared an aversion to sock knitting, I did have some sock yarn on hand), and began a test swatch.  Unlike Cassie, I get a tiny bit obsessive about gauge.


Hey, that's pretty good.  I'm using the Sugar Scallops edging from Knitted Embellishments.

This swatch tells me two things.  One, I love the way that this sock yarn is striping!  Two, if I want to use the Sugar Scallops edging, I will need to cast on extra stitches, knit the edging in a bigger needle, and then switch to US3s when I begin the sock cuff.  The edging loses stitches as it's knit, and the last row involves knitting five times into the same stitch--resulting in some very tight stitches.  I'll try it in a US5, and see if that solves the problem.


You have a totally different striping pattern than I do with that same yarn. I wonder if he changed his pattern? I used US 3, cast on 54 sts, gauge 6 or 7" / in (can't remember.)

I've got that yarn too - although I'm gifting it. Very pretty!

I love the colours and the stripes. I can't wait to see your finished sock.

beautiful yarn! love the subtle stripes. the edge is cute.

No, unlike *everybody* you get a teeny bit obsessive about gauge. ;-)
Fabulous yarn, fabulous edge!

I know nothing of the Sugar Scallops edging, but it looks cute. I love the yarn and its striping. Have fun with socks!


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