Small Projects

Small projects are fun!  With that big gift-giving holiday fast approaching, why not plan for a few holiday knits?

To that end:


Scarf Style and some Cascade 220.  The photo does not do justice to the lower hank, and numerous attempts with Photoshop didn't improve matters.  The color is really more of a dusty, ashen purple.  Mmmm-mmm.

I am the last person in the land to break down and buy this book.  For a long time I wondered why anyone needed a book on scarves.  I mean, it's a scarf.  You don't need a book to tell you how to knit a scarf.  Then I bothered to look at the book, and discovered that regardless of the subject matter I needed it, too.

It's an excuse to get some 220 and to join a knit-along.  You have to love that!


which scarf are you making? have you ever thought of contacting Interweave Press and pitching them on an idea for the next book in their series "swatch style" :)

I have made a couple of things from the book. It is a good inspiration book even if you never want to make any of the specific scarves.

I don't have the book. So you're not the last. In fact, I've only knit one scarf in my life. And I only have plans to knit one more. They're just not on my radar.

I don't have the book either. It's on my Amazon wishlist so I'm hoping Santa leaves it under the tree next month.

ooo so whatcha making? and where's the sweater?!

Soooo.... what will the lovely 220 become? I love Scarf Style, even though I've had it for several months and haven't made anything from it (yet), because it gives me ideas and is a good resource to have around.

You're not the last (as your comments have already shown) I too do not own that one, but have admired the many projects I've seen from it.

i broke down and bought the book on vacation a couple of weeks back. i thought the same thing as you, "why would anyone need a book full of scarves?". well, for one thing - it is great for making christmas gifts. i'm in the middle of backyard leaves for my mom right now in fact.

I don't have the book either, but I want it, which means I'll probably get it within the next six months. Lots of great patterns I've flipped through in yarn shops....

I don't have the book either, but I borrowed it from the library and copied the eight or nine patterns I wanted. Now Wrap Style is calling my name...

When I finally got the book I was glad I did. It has quite a few patterns I'm planning on making. Usually with books I only find a couple.

So what're you making?

Haha. Those were exactly my thoughts on the book a year ago. But one flip-through, and I was ashamed of my snobbery. I haven't knit a scarf yet, as I don't know which one to start with!

I felt the same way about the book, but I finally got it too. It's funny, I just blogged about it a few days before you did. -And I love Cascade 220, people who get those scarves from you are lucky!


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