Sleeve Week 3, Post 1

When I wasn't busy spotting crochetters and spinning steel wool, I was knitting sleeve four of my cardigan.  Practice makes perfect!  At this point, the knitting is almost mindless.


You're making great progress on the sleeve. Soon it will be done!

Sleeve number 4 is looking good, but I forget what the sweater looks like! Cannot wait to see it all put together.

.I think you are doing a great job on that sleeve the slve and the arm hole on any garment is just as difficult as trying to get your very own piece we can all think of how we want a patten to come out but most of the time we spend time picking out the right yarn or thread to make our product look great. not that im an exp. knitter I am more of a drop that stitch get the crochet hook and pick it up don't finish that row before picking up that stitch when I could just as easily finish the row no not me and that makes me laugh at myself.
Thanks for reading chelle412005


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