Raglan Progress

Once I joined the body and the sleeves, the raglan shaping works up quickly.  I know that I'll be done with this shortly.


Every other row you lose 8 stitches.  So, in a matter of four rows you're down by 1.5 repeats.

Now, my anxiety begins.  I designed this sweater to be close-fitting.  Not tight, but not at all loose.  I know that the Softwist bulky grows with blocking and stretches with weight and wear.  But right now, the whole thing looks too dang small to ever fit big ol' me.

Mark my words: pretty soon I'm going to knit a pattern as written with the correct yarn.  I need to take some time off of the guesswork!


i'm having the same fear with the YT aran i just bought. i know this yarn blooms A LOT but it's so hard to trust that it will after all that hard work.

in the end i'm sure we'll both have the right fit. i just hope we both learn to truly trust our knowledge so we don't fret so much while knitting!

I'll cross my fingers for you. I see what you meant about the zigs and zags meeting at the raglan - looks pretty cool. Also, just so you know, I don't believe you for a second about knitting a sweater without changing the pattern!

but. . . the hallmark of a confident and experienced knitter (which you have swiftly become) is the ability to adapt a patter to the yarn you REALLY want. You're doing great, and softwist is so very nice to wear! Looking good.

Yes, the pattern matches across the seams! Woohoo, happy news! As for knitting from the pattern exactly with the recommended yarn - it never works like that... next thing you know, you've changed every little detail anyway :).

Looks great, Colleen. I look forward to the finished item post. Better get that celebratory libation ready!

Yup, yup, I make the same vow every time I run into rough waters. Then when clear sailing comes, the vow is quickly forgotten. I'll bet blocking works. The fingers they are crossed.

I have no doubt that by the time you finish knitting this and give it a good blocking, it will bloom and grow and fit you perfectly. And I doubt if you can ever follow a pattern exactly as given, unless you've already written it!


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