The goal here is to get all of these little tasks out of the way before Knitsmiths tomorrow afternoon so that I can begin a new project.  As some of you might imagine, the next few days will have blocks of knitting time and I hope to make decent progress on one of my Scarf Style scarves.

So, toward that goal:


There are, as you know, many options for hat toppers.  I like the pompom best.  These hats can go into the "done" pile.


I tried to compose this photo like some of Cara's, but I had a hard time getting an angle without that window frame.  It is a rather nice piece of window trim, I think, so I'm not too unhappy to show it off.

Front Hat

Yarn: Mystery swap yarn from Knitsmith Gina.

Needles:  DPNs, size US8

Pattern:  Fiber Trends "Baby Basics", newborn size

Rear Hat

Yarn:  Artful Yarns Candy, 9367 Sour Apple

Needles: US6s, circular and DPNs

Pattern:  Candy One Skein Baby Hat (from the yarn label)

Next up, those socks.  I know that you're all eagerly anticipating the debut of the Softwist Cardigan, but please be patient.


Those are very, very cute! Satisfying quick knits sure have many positives!

I keep seeing that Sour Apple Candy yarn in blogville and it always piques my interest... must find some for myself some day. It looks like you chose the perfect color for a baby hat; fun and funky but suitable for a boy or a girl.

Super cute! I tried to love that yarn, but it mocked me. Hmm, maybe I should give it another go.

Nice angles! Nice pompoms too. I've wanted to try that Candy - my niece needs a hat too. Thanks for sharing.

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