One Down...

... and a few more to go.  I started some of my weekend work a little bit early.  Here's the swatch that I needed:


Some of you might remember the other swatches from October.  Once again, this pattern is from the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns.  I chose these patterns based on the texture that each produced in the knitted fabric.  Perhaps they'll be recreated in future scarves.

At this rate it should be finished during my commute home.  Next will be some pom poms.

In other news, this wasn't me.  I don't really remember what I was doing at 10pm on Tuesday, but I know that it had nothing to do with the Red Line.  On one hand, it could make things a little bit interesting if it were me.  On the other hand....   Thanks, Darla, for thinking that I might be the mystery knitter.  Whoever it was, that was some KIP.


what a cute craigslist post -- sounds like someone is smitten with someone who's knittin'

i always wonder if people actually end up together this way.

A bit of cuteness. I wish I had been on that train. My rehearsal ended around 10 and I was on the red line, but I was knitting on a car by myself (not talking and certainly not getting off at Downtown Crossing).

Sigh. I wish it had been me, too...I wonder how we can find out if they get together? :)

Oh how romantic... maybe we should get in touch with the person asking to keep us updated LOL.
Sure wish I was that person LOL.
PS: Subway Knitter... I'm curious to know what you're going to do with those swatches :)
cheers Eva

I love it! What a great craigslist post.

hey, who wouldn't assume you're the hot knitter? Keep your eyes posted next time you see a fellow subway knitter - it could be her!

Very romantic!

Love the swatch; it's a cool stitch.


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