Mystery Subway Knitter

Thanks for all the good wishes about the Softwist Cardigan.  While that's drying (things never dry quickly in this apartment) let me distract you with something else.

The knitters are coming out of the (faux) woodwork of the Orange Line cars:


She was knitting a chunky red scarf.  I was too engrossed in my own project, and the train was too crowded to ask her about the yarn.  It looked soft and tweedy.

Knit on, my fellow subway knitters, knit on!


Banner looks good! ;-)

It's the icy air and the looming holidays... I would kit more o nthe subway if 1) I rode it more often and 2)I didn't always use dpns (belt sttyle) and feared sudden impalement on moving vehicles.

You know, now I'm taking the Needham Heights line into Back Bay, and I've been amazed at how many knitters I've seen on the train. The setup isn't conducive to looking at each other, but I see them when I'm walking up the aisle to get on or off. It's great!

i've seen that knitter before! i recognize the bag.

I think you should start your own little "wanted!" gallery of subway knitters. I would love it I could knit during my commute, but sadly, I have yet to figure out how to drive and knit.

I've spotted a few subway/bus knitters in the last couple of months and chatted with a few more. Knitters - we're everywhere.

The new look is cool and your sweater is awesome. Can't wait to see it 'in action'.

i was knitting on the orange line this morning(not me in the photo!) and 2 women stopped and asked LOTS of questions. One I gave my Knitty directions for a hat and the other directions to Windsor Button so she could sign up for classes. We WILL convert them ALL - one subway rider at a time! I've got my quota today!
Have a good one!

I keep seeing more and more of us on the MBTA system. We're taking over!

we need a secret sign or something that says 'yo, i read subway knitter - say howdy!'.


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