Mystery Subway Crocheter

Boy it's been a while since I have seen a fellow yarn enthusiast on the T.  I hear rumors that there's a male subway knitter on the Orange Line.  Who are you?

Anyway, when I boarded the train last night, I was greeted by a crocheter:



On Halloween while giving out candy, I ran into someone who recognized me as the girl who is always knitting on the bus in the morning. Heh.

You weren't, by chance, knitting a sleeve on dpn's on the Orange line yesterday, were you?

As many knitters/commuters as there are I, too, rarely get to actually see someone knitting on the train.

A woman I work with rides the bus with a male knitter who works on a giant afghan that he keeps in a plastic bag. She says he always looks a little defensive.

wait, which train were you on last night? I've been in Boston this week and have been knitting here and there though Ive yet to see anyone else doing it yet


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