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At first, I was puzzled as to why Annie Modesitt has us knitting the Backyard Leaves Scarf in two parts and then seaming it together.  As many of you pointed out, knitting it in two parts ensures that the leaves will be facing the same direction (down) as the scarf hangs on both sides of the wearer's neck.

Then I was a little bit puzzled as to why Annie did not simply instruct us to knit the scarf in one piece and to turn the chart half way through.  That answer is simple, too.  The leaves, of course, would never look the same if one half was knit upside down from the other half.  And, I'm not sure if knitting the leaves from the top down would not be impossible.


I wonder if part of the seam's function is to keep the width of the scarf as it rounds the neck.  My seam is not the prettiest part of this scarf.  Still, it's not awful, and since it's at the back of the neck, no one will really notice. 


I can't even find the seam in the picture. You probably see it more because you know where to look.

Seam, what seam? I don't see any seam? Your finished scarf looks wonderful!

Your seam is perfect to me! I loved that scarf, I have incorporated the edging on my hat/scarf that I am doing now...I love it!

I can't see the seam either.

I had to stare at the photo for a while to get what seam you were lamenting.

You do good work!

you beat me to it! now i must go home and seam mine up tonight. i was a little nervous about putting the two parts together i guess.

I looked at your picture before reading your entry and I did not notice a seam. After reading your entry I looked at the picture again and still can't see the seam. It looks beautiful.

Good for you. It looks great. Thanks for the answers. I had to *look* for the seam.

Wonderful job. It looks lovely!

The seam in my own scarf is not great, but as the scarf is long enought to turn several times around the neck, it is OK.

That's the beauty of knitting patterns, it all becomes clear once you knit it ;)

I don't see a seam either. Nice job!

Dude, your seam looks way better than mine does.


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