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The promise of knitting an interesting pattern with yarn that I love was the perfect motivator to bring all of those projects to completion last weekend.  Having a knitting project for Knitsmiths also gave me a deadline of Sunday afternoon, 4:00 to bring the finishing spree to an end.  I realized that the Softwist Cardigan isn't officially complete; it still lacks a zipper.  But until the zipper arrives (which won't happen until after I order the darn thing) I can't go any further.

So, what do we have?  It's the second of three holiday knits (the first one happened long ago), the Backyard Leaves Scarf, by Annie Modesitt from Scarf Style.


You might recall that I'm knitting this with my recently purchased Cascade 220 in colorway 4148.  I love this pattern.  Way to go Annie!  The scarf is knit in two parts, and then seamed together.  I'm not yet sure why.  Do any of you who have knit this care to hazard a guess?  Perhaps doing so minimizes the chances of the knit fabric will stretch with wear?


Maybe for symetrie? Have you checked the kal?

Mmmm, I love this pattern too. It is knit in two parts, so the leaves are "falling" the same way on the two parts of the scarf (not very clear, I must practice my english... )and you'll get "pointy ends".
This lavender yarn looks gorgeous !

It's a great pattern, everyone loves knitting it and wearing it! The scarf is made in two pieces because the leaves have a directionality and it's the designer's intent to have them travel towards the tips of the scarf on both sides (hope that was clear).

I'm knitting this right now as well (in cashmerino) and I was confused at first as to why the two parts. But yeah, it's the whole symmetry thing. Yours is looking great and I love the color, hrm it's making me rethink my color choice...

your scarf looks nice! it's a fun knit for a gift. i'm sure whomever receives it will love it

i'm knitting this scarf now for my mom. it's the first of many christmas gifts to be completed - and i'm almost done - yay!

Pretty! That's on my near-term to do list.

so pretty -- i've admired this pattern for quite some time. maybe one day i will make it.

yep, I started that one last weekend, but since I have to really watch every stitch, I am only through the first repeat. I asked Paula why we couldn't use a provisional cast on. The answer to that became apparent after a few rows. The grafting is to keep the leaves falling, not blowing upwards..

How's the Cascade 220 working? Are you using reccommended needle size. I want to do this scarf but haven't found that yarn yet. But Cascade 220 might do it.


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