Can You Drop Spindle Steel Wool?

Subway Knitter recently found herself with a small DIY home-repair project.  A bit of caulking had let go in the bathtub.  This particular area needed some type of backing material to support the caulk, almost like lathe, so that it would set and dry.

The man at the hardware store recommended using steel wool as the backing material.  As long as it was completely covered with caulk, the steel wool would not rust.

So, back home, I began the repair.  I couldn't just jam a pad of steel wool into the spot; I needed to unroll it and shape it to fit into the gap.  Do you know what unrolled steel wool looks like?

Yeah, it looks a lot like roving.  Once I saw that, I did what seemed to be the natural thing, I tried to spin it.


Okay, Cassie, you were right.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen :-).


So, the question is, did you love it? Just sayin, `cos if you loved spinning steel wool, you'd be a goner if you ever touched the real stuff. You've got a whole host of enablers standing by......

Ouch! Be careful with that stuff, I used to use it for some experiments and you can get nasty splinters from it.

Same thing happened to me, Colleen, when I saw the surgeons using some cotton batting for a dressing. Then I knew I was a goner.

I could send you some mercy roving.


Tehehe. You're not just thinking about it anymore.

The first step is wondering if you could spin it. The next step is trying to do it. Yep, you fell, but I do think the steel wool has got to be a first. We really could arrange to send some mercy roving, you know. Way more fun.

Evil cackle of glee! Let me know if you need a spindle and some roving. I'm always happy to enable.

Oh, it sounds like you've got the gang all ready to get you hooked on spinning!

I often find myself looking at the dust bunnies thinking the same thing...

So, how did it work? The caulking, I mean -did the steel wool properly suport the repair? I've got a bit of crumbling plaster by my tub....


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