Zig-Zag Rib

Choosing the zig-zag rib for the sweater body might have slowed my progress slightly, but it's made that process much more enjoyable.


More thoughts about the math: I need to understand the technique behind this raglan shaping before I can make any decisions about approaching the rib-spacing question.  To that end, I'm studying the raglan cardigan pattern in The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, as well as the raglan section in Sweater Design in Plain English.  Since I don't know exactly how raglan sleeves are shaped, how can I possibly know how to keep ribbing even within that shaping?

There was a little discussion last week at Cara's place about the fit of the sweaters in TKHBoSP.  Overall, I find that the fit of these sweaters is a little too baggy.  This includes the sleeve shaping.  My sleeves will be narrower than the circumference Ann Budd suggests.  This is partially for aesthetic reasons, but also so that I can begin and end the sleeves with an even number of pattern repeats.

Before I can think about the sleeves, I want to finish the bottom of the cardigan body.  It's time to return to my needles.


heheh. You should see the sleeves on my drop-shoulder thing. Thankfully the pattern calls for gigantur sleeves. Good luck! I know you'll conquer this like everything else.

Oh and I forgot to tell you - great job on the MagKnits hat and mittens/gloves! Bravo!

The stitch pattern looks wonderful! and I'm all for making stuff less baggy...

I second Cara's congrats on the Magknits pattern. I'm still trying to figure out how to not suffer from frostbite in Montréal, though...even opening a mitten for two seconds hurts like hell. But if I wore glove liners, these mittens might still work over them...

That ribbing looks great--good call, even if it does take a little longer!

It is really nice. I really like the ZigZag rib, it is coming along nicely. I think this sweater will be beautifully textured with this stitch pattern.

That's coming along so nicely. Look forward to seeing what you decide with the raglan -- I've never done raglan sleeves, but plan to soon.


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