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(nothing but shameless self-promotion)


yes, i saw those. i came here especially to congratulate you on those.

i'm going to give those mittens/gloves a try because my issue in the winter is holding on to a freezing cold steering wheel.

YES! I was actually about to write to you to inquire what had happened to your MagKnits pattern, when I got the email! I owe my SIL fingerless mits to go with her cowl I made her last year. I think I'll do your flap mits instead. Thanks!

i'll be knitting those fabulous mitts and the cap. and hopefully in green too!

Love your design, Colleen! I'm definitely making both the tam and the flap mittens. I do love mittens, but I really fumble with keys, so this will be perfect.

i saw that on magknits yesterday!! love the whimsical pictures and the design!! congrats!

what's that? super cool mitts! i saw them this morning and decided the knit them immediately. I'm even taking down some handspun from the shop, just for me! good job!

congrats! you must be having so much fun with it. enjoy!

Saw these on Magknits last night, loved the pics. Nice job!

Wonderful job! They're great!


Well done on getting your pattern published! Cute idea - useful too!

Thank you for shameless self promotion, or I would have not known about the latest MagKnits. Great design! And much green!

YAY! I've wanting to knit myself a pair of these for the longest time! Nice work :)

absolutely adorable....i'm so glad to finally see your design. magknits readers will be happy to know that even those people who knit beside you each week did not know what the top secret project was....

Love these!!! I have to go check out the MagKnits... :)

I love them, and I have the same hand sizing issues, so I'm looking forward to trying them out! And of course, I love the Tam (and the color of the sample on MagKnits!!!)

Congratulations! This is an excellent design. I like the flap-over mitts, so I may have to try these. That's exactly the reason I haven't knit mittens or gloves, so this may be the perfect solution.

So very cool, Colleen!! Congratulations! Someone in my household has mittens like that on order and I'll be delighted to give your pattern a whirl.


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