Tripping the Light Scarf-tastic!

First: have you seen Circles' new blogs?  Look here and here.  Allison, use your forces for good, and give us the scoop when new yarns arrive :-).

Second: Magliosa has translated the Urban Necessities patterns into Polish.  Go on, have a look.

Now for today's post:  rather than post in-progress pictures of my Mira Mira scarf, I skipped ahead and went straight to a blocking photo.


Here it is, and I'm rather excited.  I love the way that the foil speckles are randomly spaced throughout the scarf.  I'm a little concerned, however, that it's not going to match my new coat after all.  Plans were to get a gray one, but then a baby-blue number caught my eye.  You know how that goes.  I'll know for sure when I receive the coat.

This project reminded me that scarves are fun to knit.  They're a perfect way to play with a new yarn or stitch pattern without committing to a month-long endeavor.  And, when you're done there's something very useful (and giftable!) to show for it.  Trust me, there will be at least a few more of them on my needles this season.


Woohoo! The color is true to life! It looks great, I'm glad you found a stitch pattern that works with the foil bits.

Love the yarn, love the stitch pattern, love your blog's new banner!

That will SO go with any light blue coat! You gotta get away from matchy-matchy. A bit of contrast is always good.

looks great! Which stitch pattern is this? I am making a scarf for my sister and am looking for an interesting pattern....

I love the color and the yarn. I was gone for a week and all of sudden new projects on the needles. I love it though!


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