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The latest edition of VK wended its way into my mailbox this week (Finally!  I seem always to be the last person on the planet to get her copy.)  I usually give these magazines a quick browse over dinner.   Then in a few days I give them a more thorough read to see which (if any) of the patterns inspire me to pick up my needles.

None of the patterns really stand out for me.  There are lots of big-needle knits, lots of Fun Fur and novelty yarns, and (what seems to me) a focus on trendy, quick-and-easy patterns rather than something stylish, unusual, and beautifully handcrafted.  There's nothing wrong with a little Fun Fur or novelty yarns now and again--I have seen some very interesting applications of both.  By this time, however, I feel as if I could find all of those patterns online for free, or in a very basic pattern book.  I want my Vogue to be about patterns that are stylish, unusual, and beautifully handcrafted.  I want the patterns to showcase designers who don't otherwise have an outlet for their creativity.

Which brings me to another comment.  Has anyone else noticed the product placement?  Sure, have Margery Winter design a pattern with Berroco Yarns.  Margery Winter is a great knitting designer, but she already has Berroco to distribute her ideas.  It would be interesting to see what she could do with another company's yarns, and perhaps that might have been an interesting angle for a Vogue submission.

I'm not all about the moan and groan.  There are a few exceptions to the above:

Beautiful pillows!  So nice that if I were to knit one, I wouldn't permit anyone to touch it:Pillows1sm
Get your dirty head off of that gorgeous thing!


My family has a do-not-touch Christmas pillow that my mother made during her cross-stitching phase (also known as her swearing phase, if I remember correctly).  To this day, I will not touch that pillow when I see it.

Then there are the Victorians:

This is almost knit worthy.  I, of course, would need to change the pattern.  From a distance, the shoulder area looks sloppily resolved. 

The plaids....

This falls into all of the categories I just bitched about, but I like it.  The plaid collar detail makes it interesting.

Remove the ridiculous get up, change the colorways, and you could have a wearable shawl.

And finally....


A felted coat!  Can you imagine what that would do to my washing machine?

In the end, this issue is a toss up.  It's one to put on the bookshelf and see if anything still appeals in six months or a year.



I agree with you regarding VK. I had purchased Vogue Knitting for a while at newstands prior to ordering a subscription. I had always enjoyed their patterns, etc. But, since I've been a subscriber these past few months, their patterns are suddenly for someone fifteen years younger and content to run around wearing something odd or being half naked. I am beginning to wonder if Vogue Knitting is trying to appeal only to knitting sixteen year olds and those of us that are 30+ years are no longer in their target market.

I was lucky enough to read Vicki's while we were at Rhinebeck and I will not be buying the issue. I don't think there was ONE pattern I would consider making. Not one. I was glad to get the preview.

Hey! Those are very wearable colours in that plaid shawl! ;-) (the yellow does have to go). I find that any magazine is a toss up. They're fun to look at, I never want to make everything, and of what I really like, I usually end up making nothing as I'll be distracted by the next magazine or book ... out of which I'll make nothing. Maybe I need to stop making socks.

Yup, this last issue of VK cemented it for me. I will not be renewing.

This issue did not appeal to me at all. I doubt if you even 6 months from now is enough time to go back and possibly find something you will like later. At least not for me.

I think I must be the only person who thoroughly enjoyed the Victorian segement of the latest Vogue. Then again, I go in big for costumes and drama!

I have fun with VK. My daughter and I laugh while we read it. I personally think they ought to list the average cost of knitting their patterns up.............
have the seen the price of gas?

I agree with you, kathy b...might help to decide which project to sink money AND time into something.I'm brand new to this-this is my very first post Knitting is my passion.My gram taught me 20+ years ago.She was right handed and I'm left handed,so she taught me to put 1 needle at the fold at my hip,and knit like that.I make afghans,scarves,i made layettes for all my cousins' babies.Now I'm disabled,so I'm considering knitting for a home biz.I'm on 2,000 dollars worth of pain meds monthly and have no insurance,so my hubby needs help.We own a furniture refinishing biz,The Unbelievable Touch,where my hubby restores antiques,etc.,He has refinished 4 or 5 major hotels' furniture.Before I became disabled,i worked with him.He has sanding machines now,back when I was working with him-I WAS the sanding machine!!LOL
Sorry this is so long,i wanted to let you to know a little bit about me


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