Swatching Problems

You don't know what it took to get me here:


The swatch on the right is the final, unblocked, version.  You can see that it took two swatches.  Actually, there were three; I frogged the first one.  Yikes! 

Why is it that the most straightforward looking projects turn out to be the most complicated?  The perfectionist in me was alive and well as I experimented with this swatch. I had two problems with the chart.  Maybe they were due to inexperience on my part, or carelessness on behalf of the pattern's designer.  First, the bottom row of the chart doesn't contain the knit stiches for the overlapping vertical stripe.  Instead, it reads as one long horizontal band.  Of course, I didn't notice this until I was about 40 rows above the bottom row.  Not acceptable!

Second, the last row of the last repeat should be row 16 of the chart, and not row 20.  Row 20 is fine if you want to continue with another repeat, but if you want to cast off, it looks as if you have an extra band across the top.  That was a four-row frog.

Finally (and this was personal preference rather than a true problem) I noticed that the moss-stitch squares were too squat.  So, as I was knitting the third swatch, I simply repeated three of those rows.  That change was easy.  Result: I like the swatch.  I can imagine a scarf of staggered tiles, maybe offset by about a quarter of a repeat each time.


As I'm ripping my first sock (swatch), and ripping the sleeves of Marla, I can relate to the perfectionism. Now it's full speed ahead for you!

Your modified and fixed-up swatch looks good! Good luck with the scarf!

You're a fine knitter. All that swatching? Does a heart good.
(Keep doing three at a time will ya? It balances out my inadequacies.)

Love the texture of the fabric! Is this the same yarn you're using for the Zig-Zag Rib sweater?


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