Get out those sweaters.  I'm looking out my window at snowflakes.  October 29th, and it's snowing!!!

Damn, what happened to autumn?  The leaves are green, and there are snow flurries in the air.


Now that really is SCARY! Stay warm!

It always takes me by surprise too, although this is about the "right" time for it.

Oh man, and my kid went down to your neck of the woods for the weekend...well, she'll be doing the little First Snow dance of joy. This kid dances for joy when it's 40 below, though...

I have to knit faster. Or spin faster. Or both. Brrrrr....

Crikey!! I'm not ready.

It's the exact opposite here, it's like summer. What ever happend to autumn? I want to wear my wooly sweaters, please!!

interweave knits have gone crochet crazy?
has anyone been to walmart lately. well i have and they were out of orange yarn so i ended up with a color called carrot and let me tell you it is not very pretty at least not for knitting so we put it on canvas and it is still the uglyest color to me.

the grass is always greener .... snow? what's that? oh, i remember ... the fluffy white stuff the weather man promises but never delivers. i want to wear my woolies too!

I know! Can you believe it???!!??

I can wait for snow a long time... But Big Lots has yarn similar to loin brand trelis or ladder, knits up about same also but half the price.


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