Sleeve Week, Day 2

Zoooooommmm!  Why is it that the drive back always seems much shorter than the drive there?  That's how I feel with this sleeve.  Perhaps it's a little of the been-there-done-that effect, or perhaps it's because I am more comfortable knitting on two circulars.  Whatever the cause, this sleeve is growing very quickly.


There has been more KIPing, of course.  Here is the sleeve at the Tunnel City Coffee in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  It's a nice place to sit for a knit, and I highly recommend the pumpkin-spice whoopie pies.  Whoo-boy!


Your sleeves are really coming along nicely.

Williamstown is quite a hike from Boston, but is stunning, to be sure. Those rolling hills get me every time.

Good to see the sleeve out and about having a good time!

The sleeve is looking really nice, Colleen!

Ah, sleeves. They take so darn long!
I have a recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies if you are interested.... ;)

What the heck is a whoopie pie? My Californian brain is boggled.

That's my question too, what's a whoopie pie?

Hi, nice work. With sleeves I like to do both at the same time on circular needles. Then I know they will both be exactly the same. And it seems to go faster.

The sleeves are looking great. Pumpkin whoopie pies??? Yum!


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