Sleeve Week, Day 1

There was lots of KIPing this weekend.  Heck, when you can't knit outside, and you don't want to knit at home, where can you go?  Your local Finnish bakery, that's where.


We have the beginnings of sleeve number two resting on the table at JP's Sweet Finnish (cute name, eh?).  As I cast on and joined the stitches, it occured to me that I could have begun the sleeve on two circs.  By nothing more than force of habit, I once again used my DPNs.


A morning bird like myself, oh yay :) That sweater is looking great, and that color is going to look absolutely fabulous on you!!!

I've been eyeing that place. How was it?

It looks like you've found a wonderful and tasty place to KIP! Next time, break your habit and try starting on 2 circular needles -- it's easier than you think.

This is going to be a gorgeous sweater! KIP is the best... I am finally getting more adept at NOT dropping my yarn on the ground!

I took a "tribute to the subway knitter" picture of me knitting away on the TGV in France, but the photo looks awful... :( I was laughing while taking it, thinking "i'm no subway knitter, but dang it... i'll be a TGV knitter!"

Aw yum--what a pretty looking cafe! I don't know anything of Finnish baked goods, but heck when did you ever meet a bakery you didn't like? Viva la sleeve week!

Colleen...I'm coming to Boston twice in the next two months and basically will have a day each time for yarn acquisition, I mean, uh, checking out the yarn stores. I'm staying in downtown and need recommendations! Can you help?

Finnish bakery?? Gosh, I'm sorry, I just got drool all over your screen . . .

Go Colleen!

I'll have to check out that bakery!

mmm. finnish bakery! back in college my finnish roomate once tried to teach me to make cinnamon buns (or are finnish or are they really swedish? don't suggest this to the finns ;)). i did not learn, but hers were an experience not to be forgotten!


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