Sleeve Week 2, Post 1

Here's sleeve number 3:


I'm not going to bore you with more photos of the sleeve's cast-on edge or the sleeve on DPNs.  I cast on for the sleeve, knit on some DPNs, and now I'm using two circulars (one Inox, one Addi).  Use your imagination.  I promise that I'll keep sleeve posts to a minimum.  By now, I feel like I could do this in my sleep and I'm sure that I would put you to sleep by posting more photos like that.

Knitting in my sleep?  Hmmm, it's not a bad way to get more knitting time.  With the fall weather finally here, I want to wear this sweater very soon.  That, and the fact that I need to cast on for some wee knitted garments, are good motivators.


Well, you live and learn and I guess thus is the beauty of knitting and probably designing as well. If it's definitely something you couldn't live with or it was sloppy, nah, it had to be ripped out and re-started! Here's to sleeve 3 success!

You know, when I first saw that photo, I thought, what, is she knitting a sock? Hee.

That's right: get right back on that horse. Good girl. You'll forget all about it right after the hypnosis session.

Are you trying to tell us something? "wee knitted garments"....



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