There are days when I wonder why I have a knitblog. Having a knitting blog implies that I know how to knit, when clearly that is just not the case.

There have been a string of those days lately.   Days when you want to throw down the needles and kick away the yarn.  This rainy weather in Boston isn't helping much (although it's great for the knitting time, such that it is).

First, there were the swatches.  One swatch turned into three.  It seemed as if I could do nothing right with them.  Too squat, too many stripes, and we won't even talk about misreading the chart over, and over, and over again.

Then there was the pattern.  I was disappointed about the mistake that I made, that I didn't catch it before I submitted the pattern, and that I didn't catch the chart omission myself.  I created a small correction page, and you can find the link on my sidebar (or here).

Finally, the sleeve.  Despite the frogging, the sleeve is growing well, but there's this nagging worry that it will be too small.  I want it to be fitted, but not skin tight.   I think my only option is to finish the sleeve, and block it severely.  If I remember correctly, my other Softwist Cardigan grew alarmingly from its blocking.  Let's hope that will be the case here.  If not, you guessed it: frogging.


We all go through bouts of this in our's just part of the process and I think, in the end, we're better knitters for it.

Sometimes when I feel like I'm fighting with all my projects I'll pick up a basic scarf or sock for a bit. The simple knitting is just enough relief from the mayhem for me.

Things will start clicking...just give them some time (and perhaps the weather will cooperate too!).

When you think how much we all go on about the wonders of knitting then it comes as a sudden shock as to why we just can't be bothered somedays. Have a break, pick it up when you want to and make sure that whatever you do decide on is not the something that made you feel so grotty in the first place. It's only a temporary thing and you'll soon be wondering what on earth possessed you.

Always remember that you are smart and talented, but you are also human. A mistake here and there is part of the game. Besides, frogging is the knitting universes' way of wiping the slate clean.

Knitting should be fun and challenging. Admittedly, sometimes we hit a wall where nothing seems right. Tracy is spot on when she suggests taking a break from the thing that is breaking you down at present.

The yarn and sticks will call to you again.

I, for one, am very glad you have a knitting blog. You give me inspiration and entertainment, thank you. I am looking forward to knitting your tam and gloves for my daughter who is a college student. I am from a very small town in Wyoming and enjoy reading about the knitting adventures you have in a place so very different from mine.

I've said it before, and I have to ditto Barbara's comments. I've learned so much by reading your blog! We all hit bumps every now and then, no matter what we're doing... just remember that you are a fantastic knitter!

I spent three days trying to knit 20 rows of a lace pattern. The first 20 rows. In a triangle. Meaning I only started with 7 stitches...amazing how one can completely screw up something that starts with 7 stitches.

I have to believe that, irony of ironies, while two straight weeks of crappy weather does mean more knitting time, that doesn't necessarily translate into productivity. Everyone's getting into a funk, knitting or otherwise. Chin're a knitter, alright :-)

As everyone before me said, don't fret! Your blog definitely inspires me - it's one of the few I check all the time. I'm incredibly impressed at the stuff you've done - and not only the finished knitted items, but the MATH you take the time to painstakingly figure out!

Lots of us don't even understand the details you do, much less have the ability to play with em.

So, what more appropriate advice from me than:

Have a drink, refold some of your past favorites, and then pick that sleeve back up - not too many drinks then, unless you're looking for an excuse to blame the frogging on.... see you in a few! Thea

I know how you feel. I am in Boston as well. Was good to see the sun this morning. And I love reading your blog too. i'm starting my own now.
Hang in there,

Maybe it's time to turn your attention to something else for a while. You're a fabulous knitter!!

Waaaoooh, your urban pattern is just grrrreeeaaat ! You now are a real star of the knitting web ! No matter how much frogging you have to endure.

Wish I was brave enough to attempt another sweater. For now its blankets and hats for me.


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