Scarf Swatching

I am in the mood for scarves.  There are a few patterns from my new book which I'm just dying to try.  Will any of them be scarf-worthy?

To find out, I grabbed some Mission Falls 1824 Wool which I found lying around the place, and a pair of US8s.  I cast on a few stitches, and began to work the Large Tiles pattern.  It's a big repeat.  I wonder if it will be too big for my scarf plans.


Can I say enough about this dreamy, watery colorway?  Mmmm.


I have this same book and I love it! Sometimes, I just sit and browse through it while mentally designing thousands of scarves and sweaters and anything else that comes to mind! Can't wait to see how your scarf turns out!

Hi! I read your blog all the time and love that zig-zag rib sweater. Where did you come up with the stitch? Is it in one of BW's books? Every one I have seen that is called "zig-zag rib" doesn't look like the pattern in your sweater.


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