Not So Grandma...

[With apologies to Knitting Grandma, who doesn't know the first thing about frumpy....]

As this Softwist Cardigan takes shape, I notice that the potential for this to turn into a rather frumpy-looking knit is very high.  All this delicate ribbing, combined with the sweater's simple shape, could make this sweater look as if it emerged from St. Somebody's Christmas Bazaar and not from the nickel-coated needles of Subway Knitter.

Don't worry, I have this covered.  The eagle-eyed chart readers among us might have noticed my mistake when I converted the zig-zag rib's chart from flat to round knitting.  When you knit the pattern flat, you need to include a row of purl stitches at the beginning and end to balance the rib.  When you knit the pattern in the round, you need to eliminate one of those purls columns, or you'll end up with one rib that is two-purls wide.


After several repeats, that's what I noticed happening.  At first I thought that I could simply hide this wider rib on the underside of my sleeve.  Then I thought better of that idea.  Rather than hide it, I'll turn this mistake into a design feature.  I like the idea of a wide line of ribbing running up the side of my arm and continuing to the collar.

Then there is the fastener.  I'm not planning for buttons, and I have been leaning toward a zipper.  Without putting much thought into it, I assumed that I would try to get a zipper that matched the color of the yarn.  When I did think about it, I dismissed that idea.  What about a contrasting color for the band, and a zipper with big teeth?  Next stop: Zipperstop!  If I can get past that  ridiculously patriotic-looking homepage (with music, beware), I should be able to find just what I need.  Orange?  Lime Green?  Magenta?  Or maybe just a lighter and brighter shade of blue.  Valentina, William, you two are my color gurus, whadda think?


Terri from knitsmiths has the YKK zipper color card. There are so many options! Have her bring it for you to see before you order a zipper. We all know, seeing colors in person can be so different from seeing them on a computer screen, and, although you are one to buy many options and return the wrong ones, wouldn't just buying the right one be best?

I'm surprised you forgot to eliminate the extra purl column, but your solution is very creative! Good luck finding a zipper to match the cardigan's new personality!

Hey, my dad's gansey has an intentional two-purl column worked up each side of the body and then down each sleeve. Apparently it's traditional to make them this way, and the purl column forks around the diamond-shaped armpit gusset and then comes back together to travel down to the cuff. So no need to hide yours! :)

I love the idea of a lime green zipper!

If you want to borrow my YKK color card, just let me know :-)


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