Ladies & Gentlemen

We have one sleeve:


All of this rainy weather made for perfect knitting conditions inside.  Once the increases are over, it's just four repeats of the rib pattern, two on each needle.  The sleeve actually worked up quickly.

Now, it's on to the second!  I declare this week to be "Sleeve Week".


Looks great. I love the pattern of this cardigan!

Woo Hoo, one sleeve down! I would have finished the first sleeve of my Huxley sweater this weekend if I hadn't left it at my dad's house during all of the fiber festivities! Oh well, knitting is definitely not a timed event! Good luck on sleeve number 2!

Such an interesting texture and pattern! This does not look grandma-ish at all. Have fun on the second sleeve!

Nice sleeve. Ad what a great stich pattern.
can't wait to see the finished product.

Looks good from here! Have fun with #2.


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