Lace 101

While everyone else was cavorting in upstate New York last weekend, I was busy doing other things.  Last Sunday I had the opportunity to take a lace-knitting class at Wild & Woolly, in Lexington, Massachusetts.  Of course, I have knit lace before (and I don't feel that one needs to take a class in order to start lace knitting) but I was in the area, and well...

Wild & Woolly classes are held at the large, square table in the downstairs space.  There were four of us participating, with Marian as the instructor.  We were her very first class!

The class reminded me that one cannot knit lace and carry on an interesting conversation at the same time.  More than once, each of us lost track of a row because we were deep in conversation.


Marian took us through some very basic patterns and chart reading.  She showed us a couple of her own projects.  All in all, it was an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning.  The only addition I could have suggested would have been a short discussion of yarns for lace knitting.  Wild & Woolly has a huge selection of yummy yarns, and I'm sure that Marian could have pointed out a few unusual choices.


They have a back room for group meetings? Hmmm...

LOVE the new blog photo. LOVE IT! It's perfect!

You do have to pay attention with the lace. I'm working on something now that I need complete silence for - even my head is too loud sometimes. How are the sleeves coming?

Lace should come with a health warning. Get it wrong and be prepared for woman spitting obscenities. Well I do anyway ;)

Good morning ladies/gents happy knitting. working on baby blankets for the winter

Haven't tried lace yet, is it very hard

Just finished putting together and finishing an afghan. Our church collects leftover yarns to make afgans for the homeless and sweaters for missions. Gives me something to do while I watch TV.

Lace is not something I can knit and still carry on a conversation with my friends. I'm doing a simple Feather and Fan scarf right now and at least it's not so bad because it is only 4 repeat rows. In class it is always silent when we are doing the harder lace patterns.

Great blog - just found it. I've just moved back to MA after 12 years in the Kansas City area - good to hear about Wild and Wooly :)

i have seen all your beautiful knits. i dont know how to knit instead i know how to crochet. i do atmire your creative ability to do it. i was just wondering if you knew of any crochet pages i may be able to look into. my god bless you all always.

I wish I had time to knit. I only just started learning the basics but I work f/t and go to night school so not much time for fun stuff. So I get the mag's and envy all the beautiful patterns and finished products everywhere. Some day hopefully soon I will get to knit again, until then, everyone else enjoy it for me : (

I'm finally going to make it to Wild & Wooly this weekend (on my way back from a soccer game). Yay! I hate starting lace, but I love knitting lace. Just wish I had more time for it.

I;'m glad to see that lace has entered the W&W repetoire, since they aren't exactly well stocked in that area. Socks and lace: they need more! Sounds like a worthy way to spend a Sunday.

Great new blog picture! I really need to get cracking on mine.

The lace class looked like fun. I'm booked for a Melissa Leapman class on interesting edgings in December near Lunenburg.


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