Have You Seen This?

I don't read The Christian Science Monitor, but I noticed this in my stats.  Yet another article on knitters who blog.

Hey, it's also in USA Today!

I vaugely remember this reporter from the Harlot book signing at Circles back in April.  Does anyone else?

Enjoy the long holiday weekend.  Don't forget to check back here tomorrow, because we'll have blocking pictures!


Man you're just all over the press! Celebrity, I hear you calling!

One thing you've got to say, she did do her homework, and her descriptions of the knitblog world are spot on.

That picture was taken at The Sheep Shack in Holden last month. Very cool article, thanks for the heads up!

That's a great article!! Thanks for linking.

My famous friend...wow...USA Today!

So very cool, Colleen! I'm proud to have you as a representative of the knit blogging community.

Well, dang. How cool is that? Very, very cool. ; )

Yep. Came here via the article. I think it's been awhile since I've been here via the knitting ring (don't get much time for that anymore).

And THERE....your 15 minutes of fame. I wonder if your hits will show the exposure.

Very cool that you got in the paper :)

Rockin'! That's some serious celebrity, getting a mention in USA Today as well as the CSM.

I mentioned to Allison tonight about the article, and that Circles got mentioned by name, and she was excited too.

I found you here because of the USA today article. May you have many more knitters visiting your site!

Woo-hoo! Look at you being mentioned in the CS Monitor. That's pretty cool!


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