Hat Top!

A few of you asked for a picture of the top of the Urban Necessity Tam:

I can't get a good picture of the green one (it's pitch black) but I can show you a nice shot of a blue tam, the proto-prototype if you will:


The tam is knit in the round, and when you reach the top shaping the stitches are divided into sixths and the chart is worked on each section.  Of course, if one were to alternate charted sections with plain stockinette, the look would be completely different.  This one looks like a snowflake, don't you think?


Ah, I see! Very cool, I like it!

may i add my congrats. you will definitely see me knitting these gloves on the T- have been wanting to make a fliptop pair for awhile!!! nice job.

I love the tops of tams and all the different ways you can make those decreases. It does look like a snowflake!

Looks great. I made a couple tams last winter, I love them. I definitely will be making more!

The gloves are so perfect. I love them.

The tam, well I just can't get past the Mary Tyler Moore thing, but you are likely too young to remember the show. I'm more or a Rhoda dresser myself. However, I think the tam would look great on some MTM's I know.

Congrats, Colleen! Love your patterns ~ and I'm looking forward to watching your new sweater evolve ~

I really like the tam but don't know if it will fit on my head o' hair.


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