Best Laid Plans...

You know the saying.

As I admired the zig-zag rib edging of the Softwist Cardi, I thought about the miles of twisted stockinette that awaited me.  I can't say that I was the least bit excited about the situation.  I really enjoyed the rib pattern.  Wouldn't it be great if I could knit the entire cardigan in this rib?

Well, why can't I do this?  There will be pattern issues with the raglan and sleeve shaping, but I'll work those out.


So, in a matter of days this sweater has gone from Cinxia, to a modified raglan version, and, at the last minute, to something completely different.  Best laid plans, indeed!


As long as your happy! Looking forward to the progress you're making - or is it finished already? ;-)

My bet is that it's done already, too! You are one of the fastest knitters out DO you do it? :)

You brave girl! I applaud your independance.

I like the changes. It does look wonderful and I say if the zigzag rib pattern makes you happy, you go for it! I like this design very much. And it will be totally unique.

Keep notes. Keep very good notes. When it's finished, you'll probably have a bunch of fans clamoring to buy a pattern!

great changes. cinxia was my favourite pattern in the new knitty, and you are making it even more interesting. and congratulations on the great magknits pattern. love, love, love those mitts!

Hello, gorgeous! Keep up the good work. And yes, we await the pattern once you're done.

I'm seconding the "keep notes" idea. I really like the zig-zag. Bet you'll never knit it again when you finish this sweater.. lol.


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