Art Imitating Life?

While this has never happened to me, I think that I can relate:


Is this what my friends who suddenly stop talking when I come in the room are planning? I can stop knitting anytime I want to! I just don't want to... I have it under control, I swear!

Too funny. Hope it never happens to any of us!

Hahahahahaha! That is TOO funny. You know, I came out of my bedroom this morning and everywhere I look there's yarn. I never really noticed that before.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. ;-)

Exactly! this is why I joined knitsmiths and began the blogging thing -- it's just a case of surrounding yourself with similarly addicted people. They you don't seem so bad...

Keep in mind I'm packing for my 10th anniversary weekend this AM - bringing 3 projects and hoping to pass through WEBS...let the romance (or knitting...) begin! Nope, not a problem.

Ooh, I better not let my family see this. It might give them ideas. ;)

Oh that cartoon is hysterical. I adore it. I think it is going on my locker at work and on the fridge at home.

Hilarious! I love it. I think I will send this to my family, they will love it.

Hahahahaha! I love how all the family members are wearing handknits.

LOL!!! That's so hilarious!!!

One of my needlepoint students handed that to me yesterday. While I don't knit for anyone else, usually, I think she thinks I'm obsessed. Little does she know;-)


i have a question re: the fabulous urban mittens...

do you think i could make 1 size up & thrum them? my best friend's hands are in desperate need of a pair of mittens like this, but also are in need of the added warmth of thrums.

thoughts on my possibly-brilliant-insulating-plan?

thanks for writing such a great pattern!

if that ever happened to me, i'd run the other way to a different yarn shop. thanks for sharing.

that's hilarious!!!!!

that is too funny! :D

It's a phenomenon! I love it!

Only BF knows the extent of my yarn (and fiber) haul, he he. My family would be shocked.


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